Ora Major: Major Fail for Future Success


Ora Major by Alessio Romano

According to the caption on the YouTube video below, the quartz Ora Major “provides a modern interpretation of the world’s original timepiece of the Constellations.” According to Amazon’s product description . . .

[Designer Alessio] Romano was inspired by the notion that other planets in the galaxy might be sharing the same universal timepiece. The red hour and white minute hands align like stars across a dial as dark as the night sky.

Sr. Romano has certainly created something quite unique for Projectswatches: the world’s most illegible timepiece, comprised of two armless stick figures rotating around each other like drunken sailors.

What do customers think? Amazon is currently home to zero reviews of the $132 Ora Major — a heartening result for those who worry about the average American’s horological taste.

Ora Major designer Alessio Romanp

Still, you gotta have some sympathy for Sr. Romano’s challenge. In a world where there are tens of thousands of variations on time-telling watch dials – now including infinite digital creations – it’s difficult to think of anything new that’s not dopey. Chronoswiss’s Regulator broke new ground – in 1988. And milked that innovation ever since.

And actually, I really like his Kiura chronograph. Remember Alessio, nothing is as important for success as failure. Bona fortuna!


  1. Ha, just got notice of this one in my inbox. I kind of like how it looks like to armless figures kickboxing (or scissoring) each other, but obviously it’s a gimmicky fail in terms of actually telling time.

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