Rolex Robbers – Worth the Risk?


Stolen Rolex recovered!

Rolex owner Mark Ewart used an unorthodox technique to thwart a mugger after his treasured timepiece. Mr. Ewart threw his Rolex into the roof of a nearby building. Luckily, the hood didn’t follow through on his threat to stab Mr. Ewart. But make no mistake: whether you’re in a “developing country” or Basildon, England, Rolex robbers are out there, somewhere. Saying that . . .

The U.K. seems to have more than its fair share of Rolex robbers. Click here to watch a “successful” horological mugging in London’s West End. You’ll be pleased to hear that the four culprits have been caught and jailed.

You’ll be less pleased to hear it was their third such attack – that police know about – and that at least two involved stalking.

“You targeted individuals for their expensive watches,” House of High Justice Grieve said. “There was a significant degree of planning where you travelled for several miles [ED: 125 miles] following them to their homes to carry out the robberies.”

At least the victims didn’t get the shit kicked out of them, as did the target of a pair of Rolex robbers in Dublin, Ireland. The same thing happened in Hawaii. San Francisco was also home to a vicious Rolex robber (video above).

I could go on, but I won’t. What’s the point? America is in lockdown. The chances of being targeted for your Rolex are somewhere between slim and none and Slim just left town.

I bring this dark side of Rolex ownership subject up – again – because you might be tempted to purchase a Rolex during Coronageddon. Pre-owned prices are about to take a terrific tumble. Gopher it!

Just remember: wear a Rolex at the wrong time in the wrong place and the price you pay may be more than merely financial.


  1. This is a big reason I’ve thought a lot about selling my steel Submariner, and probably will sell it when coronageddon is over. Even though most people ignore it, why deal with some negative attention when there’s so many other cool watches out there? I love the watch, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t own one.

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