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Watch Crime: September 2019

Expensive watches are criminal catnip. Cheap fakes are the bane of many manufacturers’ existence. And in San Jose your Fitbit watches you. Here’s our round-up of legally lamentable horological happenstance. You know, watch crime. Starting with a trip to the … Continue reading

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Affordable Rolex Submariner Alternatives

$150 Seiko 5 Watches Are an Affordable Alternative to Rolex, manyofmany.com pronounces, pimping the new Seiko 5 in hopes of a commission. Yes, well, as good as the wee beastie may be, it’s an affordable alternative to the virtually identical … Continue reading

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Nadal Wins US Open Tennis Wearing A $750k Richard Mille Watch. Who Cares?

“It was a difficult match between Daniil Medvedev and Rafael Nadal,” forbes.com reports, “who gave watch lovers a real thrill – every time he wiped the perspiration from his forehead – deftly showing off his $725,000 Richard Mille watch.” Define … Continue reading

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Stainless Steel White Dial Rolex Daytona Cosmograph: Worth $27k?

My father used to say “something is worth exactly what someone will pay for it.” It’s a lesson for any buyer looking to add a stainles steel white dial Rolex Daytona to his or her collection. And there it is! … Continue reading

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Rolex Theft: One Night in Bangcock and the World’s Your Oyster

sgnews.com reports that Ivan Lee Yu Guang (wrist not shown) has a gambling problem. And when you have a gambling problem you have debts — with people who operate on the assumption that if you have kneecaps you have credit. … Continue reading

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Hodinkee to Rolex Restorers: Be Honest!

“In a single decade, the market for vintage Rolex watches has accelerated like few other asset classes throughout history,” Isaac Wingold writes at hodinkee.com. “the market’s boom has created a decidedly strange dynamic of heightened skepticism among the newer enthusiasts, … Continue reading

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Hodinkee: Strong U.S. Economy Boosts Watch Sales 9%

U.S. Steel Watch Shortage Good For Gold hodinkee.com’s headline reveals. I’m not sure why Hodinkee decided that America’s horological gold rush is market researcher NPD’s most important finding. My key takeaway from their takeaway:

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