Steven Pulvirent: Hodinkee’s Marxist Doxxer


Stephen Pulvirent

Steven Pulvirent is a champagne socialist. In our previous post, we examined HoDinkee’s Managing Editor attempt to reconcile his love of hugely expensive watches with his desire for social justice. Judging from what Mr. Pulvirent’s just posted on his Instagram account, recent events have tipped him over the edge into something even more ridiculous and much darker . . .

Steven Pulvirent Instagram account

Mr. Pulvirent’s reply is a clear threat to doxx the poster – which he does to another commentator below. Before we get to that, I’d like to say that Mr. Pulvirent’s response is completely over-the-top.

As the former editor of a pro-2A website, I’m more than familiar with online insults and unadulterated hate. A generally neutral Washington Post profile of yours truly generated five thousand comments – the vast majority were personally insulting, incredibly demeaning and plain old nasty.

And? If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Trust me: the barb thrown Mr. Pulvirent’s way wasn’t even sharp. I mean, the guy complimented the Editor. Needless to say, it got worse – on Mr. Pulvirent’s side.

Steven Pulvirent instagram 2

Good Lord. I called the man a champagne socialist. I guess he put away the bubbly.

I’m not here to debate politics. Suffice it to say, Marxists want the means of production owned and controlled by the proletariat. If Steven Pulvirent believes a Marxist system could make a watch that he’d want to own or wear I’ve got one word for him: Lada.

Instagram 3

As a the son of a Holocaust survivor, as a man who grew up in a racist culture, I certainly agree that the good old days weren’t so good for a lot of people.

At the same time, I wonder how Mr. Pulvirent’s desire to dismantle/reconfigure our capitalist system sits with his multi-millionaire boss. Or the watchmakers and dealers that put food on his table. Or the majority of his readers.

And now the money shot (so to speak):

Instagram 4

Steven Pulvirent posted these screen caps on his Instagram account. He’s proud of his politics. Fair enough. But doxxing? No.

More than that, there’s no Chinese wall between Mr. Pulvirent’s watch writing and his political posts, just as there’s no separation between HoDinkee’s reviews and its sales. You support one, you support the other.

Just so you know, I’m a social liberal and a fiscal conservative who believes in limited government, freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms. And great watches.


  1. Robert, you either don’t know what the word “doxxing” means (or how to spell it) or you are misusing it in a dishonest way. In case it’s the former, doxxing means to publish someone’s private or identifying information; i.e., home address, phone number or real name, if they are using an alias. Stephen shared the instagram handles of people who were DMing him to tell him to keep his mouth shut. I don’t see anything that indicates that he shared their private information at all, as instagram handles are pretty much the opposite of private information.

    Second, I don’t agree that his response to the guy who told him that he sounded stupid and that he should keep his political opinions to himself was “over the top.” If someone tells you to keep your mouth shut, or that you are only allowed to discuss one topic like watches, you are well within your rights to tell them to f*** off! Once again, you’re mischaracterizing things to make your point; where I come from, telling someone they sound stupid is never a compliment.

    • The jury’s out on the spelling of dox/doxx. Meanwhile, identifying the poster as a realtor in Rochester may not fully qualify as doxxing, Pulvirent’s clear intent was to give readers enough information to trace him down. And, at the least, boycott his services.

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