2021 Rolex Prices Revealed: OP41 and Sub


2020 Rolex prices - Oyster Perpetual 41

2021 Rolex prices revealed! Here are the current prices – as of January 15, 2021 – for two of the Geneva watchmaker’s hottest new models, thanks to watchcharts.com. Even a cursory glance highlights the fact that private sellers are reaping the whirlwind. Before we get to the 2021 Rolex prices for the Oyster Perpetual 41 and Submariner, a bit of recent history . . .

In the middle of Coronageddon, Rolex announced it was delaying the release of its new 2020 models. And then reversed itself – even as diminished supply (production down 250k from 1m per year) met increased demand (lockdown shoppers spending saved cash and fleeing to brand safety). Shortage much? Oh yeah! And here’s the result . . .

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 – Retail $5900

2020 Rolex Prices OP41 v2

Private sellers are flipping the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 for around $8700 (a $2800 or 47% increase). Dealers are asking – and getting – $9900 (a $4k or 68% increase). Enthusiasts decried the Oyster Perpetual’s up-sizing (the faultless OP 39 is no more), the dial’s twin batons, the font size and the rainbow color palette. And?

Rolex Submariner Date – Retail $9150

Submariner 2020 date with a green bezel

Rolex also embiggened the new Rolex Submariner to 41mm and slimmed the lugs. The date wart (a.k.a., cyclops) model runs off Rollie’s new-for-2017 Calibre 3235 movement, complete with instant date change and a blue Parachrom hairspring (up to 10 times better at withstanding shocks than a traditional hairspring).

2020 Rolex prices Submariner V2 date

Regardless of bezel color, flippers are asking an average of $13,400 (a $4250 or 46% increase) for Rolex Submariner Date. Dealers are selling them for an average of $16,100 (a $6950 or 76% increase). Yikes!

Rolex Submariner (no date) – Retail $8100

New Submariner - Black dial with black bezel in Oystersteel

Unless you’re closerthanthis with an authorized Rolex dealer – and maybe even then – the chances of scoring a new Rolex OP41 or Submariner at retail are somewhere around the chances of scoring the money needed to buy one via a lottery scratch card.

2020 Rolex Prices Submariner no date v2

The no-date (a.k.a., lonely) Rolex Submariner sells for $3400 above retail (42% increase) privately and $5800 over retail (72% increase) from a dealer. I’d pay more for no-date than date but what do I know? Just this . . .

I have an ethnically correct pathological aversion to paying a premium for a new anything – especially when the previous anything is available for a relatively sensible price and isn’t that much worse than the magic feather (racist link, supposedly). But if you have to have the latest greatest Rolex, I don’t blame you for paying above the odds. Hey, it’s only money.

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