Rolex Rippers Strike Again! Here’s How to Protect Yourself


It’s been a while since I tackled the topic of Rolex rippers. That’s because I took a LONG break from The Truth About Watches. Truth be told, I burned out. When I went back to see how the old girl was doing in cryogenic suspension, I was surprised to see healthy traffic. As I spool-up again, I want to return to the danger facing people who wear – and now buy – expensive watches in public.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an armed robbery after a shopping trip at La Cantera. BCSO released photos of the alleged suspects who deputies said robbed a man at his home after following him from the mall.

BCSO said they got away with two high-end watches, including a Rolex.

KENS 5 spoke with the victim over the phone. He doesn’t want to be named for safety concerns, but said he thought he was going to be killed.

The unnamed victim had good reason to fear for his life. As the Kens 5 report shows, he was confronted by three Rolex rippers. At least two of them pointed pistols in his direction.

Rolex robbers victim started here.

The robbers most likely ID’ed the victim when he emerged from the Lee Michael’s jewelry store, where he picked-up his new Rolex. And waited for him to go home.

The victim surrendered his new Rollie on his driveway and the Panerai on his wrist. He claims the two timepieces were worth $20k. He rightly decided they were not worth his life.

I’ve made it clear that wearing an expensive watch – especially but not exclusively a Rolex – makes you a target. Now know that buying a new watch does the same thing. Reminding me of a quote attributed to bank robber Willie Sutton, when asked why he robs banks he replied “because that’s where the money is.”

So now I’ve got to warn you to look for suspicious people and check for people following you when you visit a luxury watch store. That’s where expensive watches are.

In the meantime, and again, Rolex robbers (and Richard Mille muggers) are still a HUGE danger.

Four days ago, reported that Aled Jones has £17k Rolex [Daytona] robbed by machete-wielding teenager; Welsh singer and television presenter targeted in broad daylight while walking with son. As reports, it’s only the latest in a long line of Rolex robberies in The Land of Hope and Glory. A scourge far from unknown in LA County.

I’ve posted on this topic eleven times now, including an article on a man killed for his Rolex (Murdered for A Rolex – A Cautionary Tale). Yeah, it’s that important.

To avoid repeating myself, I refer you to my post Watch Theft Prevention – Three Rules. It’s as relevant today as it was in 2021. And, unfortunately, in the future. You have been warned.


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