The New Casio Oceanus Manta – THAT Escalated Quickly!


The new Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S6000SW-2A (above) is a far cry from the Casio Oceanus T200. Racer88 reviewed the JDM-only T200 in November 2020, declaring the high tech three-hander “a truly handsome timepiece that can run with the big boys for a very reasonable price.” The new Casio Oceanus Manta is so not that. For one thing…

Price. The imported T200 cost our man $456. That’s $537.57 adjusted for inflation, believe it or not. The new U.S.-available Casio Oceanus Manta cost $2400, adjusted for wealthy people, believe it nor not.

That’s $600 more than the previously most expensive Oceanus watches in Casio’s collection (the $1800 OCWS5000MB1A, OCWS5000ME1A and OCWS6000-1A), and a stupid price for a Casio. So much so even the bought-and-paid-for cheerleaders at ablogtowatch felt obliged to say something.

While that is significantly more expensive than the vast majority of Casio watches, remember that this is the brand’s premium range — and it’s worth pointing out that there are plenty of higher-end G-Shock watches that are similarly priced or even more expensive than that. It remains to be seen if the Oceanus can find its footing in the American market but the handsome and exceedingly capable OCW-S6000SW is a worthy effort to get the ball rolling.”

Exceeding capable, yes! The new Manta has all the bells and whistles you’d want from a digital watch pretending to be analogue, assuming you want a 42.5mm app-controlled self-adjusting dual-time solar-powered day/date titanium chronograph water resistant to 100m. Handsome? As the old expression goes, if I had a dog like that I’d shave its ass and make it walk backwards.

A subjective observation, of course. I’m sure there are well-heeled Casio collectors who love them some spiral-cut ocean wave-mimicking vibrant blue bezel. Who get a thrill running up their leg from Casio’s claim that “the face is also decorated with Pink gold IP to express the image of a sandy beach under the sunlight.” Whether there are 350 such folk – the new Manta’s total production run – is an open question.

“Unlike the bold and tough designs that made G-Shock watches a fan favorite, the Oceanus is a markedly dressier and more stylish sports watch,” ABTW proclaims. A wife beater T-shirt is dressier than either a G-Shock or the Oceanus Manta. And I don’t think the word “stylish” means what Celine Simon wants it to mean.

That said, props to Ms. Simon for giving props to Casio for hiding the city name scale on the flange. Flange. Flange. Flange. As an episode of Ted Lasso explained, the phenomenon of saying a word so much that it loses its meaning is called semantic satiation. It usually occurs with short, simple words without a strong emotional association.

Is there such a thing as horological satiation? If so, I reckon Casio’s new Oceanus Manta is a failed attempt to avoid it. The Brits might say it’s an example of putting lipstick on a pig, but I couldn’t possibly comment. Except to declare my appreciation for the craftsmanship required to mill the Manta and design it to evoke Paul Mauriat‘s MOR hit Love is Blue.

And point out that the black and blue OCWS5000B-1A is a far more handsome piece that won’t you beat you up as much on the price. It’s sold out, but you can pick one up from Japan on for the original MSRP of $1400, all-in. Me? I’m all-out. But that probably won’t come as much of a G-Shock to our regular readers.

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