Think Pink Watches! For Now…

2027 got there first: Barbie pink watches to wear this summer. I’d leave it with them, only the selection of watches offered by the venerable industry booster is lackluster. Literally. They’re pink, but aside from the official timepiece, none of them are hot pink. Not in-yer-face Barbie pink. Not technically Barbie pink. Yes, that’s a thing.

Barbie pink is a bright, vibrant shade of pink, often described as a “hot pink” or “magenta-pink.” It’s a saturated color; it has a high concentration of color pigment.

For computer software and on websites, the hexadecimal color code for Barbie pink is #E0218A. Barbie pink is also associated with the Pantone color number 219C. In the RGB color model, Barbie pink is composed of red (87.84%) green (12.94%) and blue (54.12%).

Unfortunately, I’m red/green color blind. So I had to put in my contacts and wear color correcting sunglasses to make sure I got it right. Which I didn’t exactly.

One more thing: a Barbie pink watch is quite a fashion statement. Wear it with pride, but know that it detracts from, say, anything you wear, and it’s likely go out of fashion by the end of the month.

Also, Barbie doesn’t wear a watch in the movie. Other than hot pink Apple Watch straps, mainstream watchmakers aren’t on board with the think pink trend of the moment. I had to compromise color and dig deep…

Swatch Fade to Pink $95

“This dreamy, two-toned watch features a pink and green gradient print on its strap and aluminum face. It has a biosourced case and biosourced glass with Swatch Solar Spectrum effect and includes a day-date window at 3 o’clock.”

On the positive side, it’s a Swatch. If you’re going to wear a loud watch, why not wear a LOUD ONE (ticking-wise)? On the negative side, the Fade to Pink isn’t all that pink. Certainly not as pink as the Swatch Blurry Pink – an excellent choice is you don’t mind wearing a 34mm watch. The FTP is a full 41mm, large enough for anyone who thinks like a Texan.

Also note: the Solar Spectrum Effect does not a solar-powered watch make. In other words, the color fades into each other. But you knew that, right? Good call on the grey jacket.

Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch $125 presents this beaut as a new-in-box timepiece – that needs a battery! That probably accounts for some of the discount (down from a theoretical $225). That and the fact that a hot pink Michael Kors watch is like one of those mixed breed rescue dogs that everyone notices, but no one takes home. Then again, 35 viewers hit “like.” So there is that.

The listing doesn’t specify the size, but anything called Slim Runway isn’t going to measure up to even the smallest Panerai (the 38mm Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Acciaio). Fossil makes the timepieces for MK, so it’s a cheap-ass Chinese deal with a metal bracelet that most likely compares with a hair shirt for comfort. Hey, you gotta suffer for fashion.

Rolex Air-King with Custom Pink Dial $5300

“Replacements made: This vintage Rolex has a custom dial made by our specialty custom dial house. It is made to “Rolex of Switzerland” rigorous specifications. However, it did not originally come on this watch. All the other mechanical parts on this watch are original. Wear consistent with age and use. It is worth noting that this watch only had a 12-month warranty when it was new. However, we are so confident of our workmanship and team that we offer an 18-month warranty on all our watches, even those over 100 years old.”’s description of this 1520 movement-powered hot pink Rollie doesn’t fill me confidence. I suspect Rolex of Switzerland wouldn’t be all that happy with the quality comparison/trademark infringement.

As for the $5300 asking price for a not-entirel-Barbie-colored Rolex whose serial number is not offered (dated “in the ’70’s”), uh… I do believe this is the same 34mm watch offloaded by

Anyway, Bob’s sells certified ’90’s and ’00 Rolex Air Kings for a bit less. You could buy one of those and have the dial redone in proper Barbie Pink. As I mentioned above, the movie will be forgotten soon, and any good workman will take their time. And your money.

TAG Heuer Carrera Date $3200

“There’s no mistaking the proud and vibrant pink dial of this distinctive TAG Heuer Carrera. Bold and ready to take on any challenge, this striking steel watch reveals the personality of those who dare to wear it. An ambitious icon.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the term “ambitious icon” is the TAG copywriter’s dog whistle to manly men, warning them that f*ck boyz will give them shit about their masculinity if they spy the official high-end horological ode to Barbie on their wrist. It’s 36mm, so at least the owner won’t face size jokes.

The Calibre 7 Automatic movement is decent enough, given the price. Which is the same as the the same Carrera Date with a more versatile Radically Blue dial. TAG says that model is “a sign of conviction.” Which makes the Barbie version a sign of the times. Hey, Prince would wear one if he wasn’t dead. Just sayin’.

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