The Timepiece Gentleman Quits, Heading for Jail


We’ve been following the rise and fall – mostly fall – of the Timepiece Gentleman. Anthony Farrar’s fortunes failed when the ex-con admitted he’d “misplaced” some $2m worth of his customers’ watches. D’oh! After four days of posting “road to redemption” videos, the dealer is dealing himself out.

According to the TPG, he’s “brought a lot of unwanted attention to the industry.” In other words, no one will have anything to do with him. He repeats his promise to pay back the clients from which he stole, but “There’s a large community that doesn’t want that to happen.”

The fact that he’s changed his phone number indicates both his lack of resolve and TPG’s inability to face the music. To that end, he “might” quit social media because “it’s apparent I can’t move forward.”

He’s not “100 percent sure” he’ll quit all social media, but the title of this video indicates he’s disengaging from the general public that once paid for his [admitted] hookers and blow. He’s also threatening to “get out of this industry for good.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, Mr. Farrar is now, unofficially, on the run. Information that both his lawyers and his victims’ lawyers would do well to consider.

“I’m going to ride this shit to the end,” TPG asserts. With over $4m owed and no job, the chances that he’ll make restitution are between slim and none, and Slim just left town. What’s the bet Mr. Farrar’s story ends in the rebar hotel?


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