Vacheron Grail Watch Revealed

Vacheron ad

Rolex has its Daytona. Audemars Piguet its Royal Oak. Patek Philippe its Nautilus and Aquanaut. Steel watches that might as well be made of unobtanium. Timepieces that command a huge price premium the moment they walk out the showroom door. Grail watches. So where’s the Vacheron grail watch? Which of their models qualifies? None. Until now . . .

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Breguet – What A Difference A Metal Makes

Breuguet crown

If watchmaking has a founding father, it’s Abraham-Louis Breguet. The year before America declared its independence, Breguet opened up his Paris shop and began revolutionizing horology. He made the first tourbillon, self-winding watch, shock protection system and wristwatch. Fast forward to today and let’s face it: the really important innovations live in the digital domain. Leaving . . .

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Father’s Day Watch? Don’t do it! Unless . . .

Father's Day watch watch

What kid hasn’t bought Dad a Father’s Day gift expecting the Old Man to love it – only to discover the truth? After hugs and smiles and maybe one public showing, Dad puts that tie/sweater/funny T-shirt into the drawer labelled When Hell Freezes Over. Surely a Father’s Day watch is a different deal. No. No it isn’t. For one simple reason . . .

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Graduation Day Watches for $1k

TAG Heuer Formula 1 detail

Graduation Day 2020 is a real downer. Coronageddon killed the thrill of gathering as a class for the exodus into higher education or “the real world.” Also DOA: the tradition of giving a watch to a grad immediately after the ceremony. Still, a timepiece remains the perfect gift for that special day. Here are three graduation day watches for three basic personality types (no commission on links) . . .

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Three Ways to Kill a Pocket Watch

Hamilton pocket watch

As a new pocket watch collector, I’m wandering around at the bottom of the learning curve, looking up at a high mountain. My journey so far includes writing sales copy for Jeff at The Pocket Watch Guy and working with Brendan at Frett Clockworks to restore my watches to their former glory. And reading history. And screwing up, big time. Here are three ways you can kill a pocket watch . . .

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