BALL Watches – How Not to Sell A Watch

Ball watches Marvelight lume

The first rule of sales: make it easy to buy. A rule that BALL Watches rips to pieces and tosses in the wind. Truth be told, I found it impossible to buy a BALL watch. In fact, an authorized retailer advised me not to buy one. We’ll get to that. Here’s my sad tale of horological woe, a journey that began when I started writing “BALL Watches – Three of the Best,” I kid you not . . .

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Essential G-SHOCK – The Casio Power-Trio

My name is Racer88 and I’m a G-SHOCK junkie. Until recently, I had two watches: a Breitling Colt Ocean Automatic and a Rolex Yachtmaster. The Breitling quit working years ago. The Rolex was my everyday watch. And then it stopped working. Again. I stuck the Rolex in the safe next to the Breitling and wore . . .

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Everyone Needs One Strange Watch

Ziiiro Aurora Grey - strange watch

Regular readers may recall our popular pre-COVID post Everyone Needs One Weird WatchIt’s true now more than ever. We’re living in exceedingly weird times. A period of human history where wearing a strange watch makes perfect sense. As Chicago asked, does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody care? If you do, look away now. If not, hey ho, let’s go!

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Date Windows – Vive La Fenêtre de Date!

Our dear publisher recently posted a provocative article entitled The Date Window Must Die! The “new normal” lockdown world (est. March, 2020) has left him in a stupor over what day it is. Casa de Montecristo is open every day and the computing machine will help him get the New Watch Alerts up on Friday, so who cares anymore? When it comes to date windows on watches, I do . . .

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Grail Watch – 3 Reasons Not to Buy One

Ladies Nautilus on wrist 7

Start with this: only the pure of heart will ever wear a Grail watch. Which is why you don’t see Indiana Jones wearing one in The Last Crusade. So really, you don’t deserve a Grail watch. That said . . .

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