Exploding Apple Watch Series 7 Leads to Hospital Visit! Or Does It . . .

Smoking Apple Watch Series 7 (courtesy 9to5mac.com)

I’m from Rhode Island. At an early age, I learned that there’s the story, and there’s the story behind the story. (Denizens of the Show Me State can relate.) So when I read on 9to5mac.com that an Apple Watch Series 7 exploded, sending its wearer to the hospital, one word sprung to mind: lawsuit. Here’s how the Mac men summed-up the story:

An Apple Watch Series 7 user is speaking out after their device overheated, started smoking, and eventually exploded. The case was brought to Apple’s attention and the company confirmed it would investigate what happened. At the same time, however, Apple also attempted to coerce the user into staying silent and not sharing the story.

Smoking gun/watch (courtesy 9to5mac.com)

Exploding watches! Apple coverup conspiracy! 9to5mac.com has the scoop! Which is basically, allegedly, this: the unnamed Apple Watch owner felt the back of his Apple Watch Series 7 heating up. watchOS warns him to shut it down. He discovers that the back of the watch is cracked. Mystery man calls Apple. They say hmmm, we’ll look into it. Almost burning man goes to sleep.

Next day, his watch is “even hotter to the touch.” What’s more, “the heat had shattered the device’s display.” And then . . . “When the user picked up the Apple Watch to take pictures to send to Apple, it started to immediately make ‘crackling sounds.’ It then ‘exploded’ just as he was throwing it out the window.”

So when exactly did the death-defy watch wearer take the above video of the smoking gun watch? Would you leave your watch on a window sill if it was smoking like a 50’s film noir detective? Would you throw your watch out the window if it made crackling sounds, assuming it was going to explode?

Or, as the Series 7 is pretty much waterproof, douse it? Not the ideal solution for a battery fire, but once we’re experimenting . . . Come to think of it, why is the YouTube video age restricted? Oh right. Smoking is bad for you! Either that or I’ve got bad news for Apple Watch owners about to board an airplane. Anyway . . .

“The company arranged a delivery pickup and said that it is taking the Apple Watch to its labs for further testing. Apple also sent him a document, asking him to sign it and agree not to share this story with anyone.”

Singed Apple Watch case (courtesy 9to5mac.com)

We have pictures of the singed watch but none of Apple’s dastardly non-disclosure agreement. If you think about it, the doc would be far more damning than an exploding Series 7. Apple silencing critics? That does not jive [sic] with their all-inclusive people’s champion branding.

Exploding Watch Guy “ended up visiting the emergency room because of lead poisoning concerns.” Or a litigious enhancement opportunity. I mean, he didn’t “end up” at the hospital. He chose to go there – because of lead poisoning? If anything, he should have had his lungs checked for plastic smoke inhalation.

In fact, the whole story stinks. I’d like to see 9to5mac.com do a little more digging on their anonymous Series 7 buyer. Who IS this guy? Does he have an axe to grind? Is he trying to find a way to raise cash for a proper mechanical watch? Watch this space.


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