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New Watch Alert 2/14/20

This is the first New Watch Alert where I haven’t been ‘whelmed. That’s the new word women use when they get too many responses to their online dating profile. Because saying “overwhelmed” takes too much effort. I prefer the Toffler … Continue reading

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Luxury Watch Prices Falling?

You might think luxury watch prices would be immune to annoyances like viral outbreaks and economic downturns. Nope. According to voguebusiness.com, “the last global recession lopped nine per cent off the size of the personal luxury goods market,” lowering luxury … Continue reading

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Bell & Ross Cockpit Classics

The Seiko Silverwave Cockpit was the first cockpit-inspired wrist watch. And then French watchmaker Bell & Ross took le ball and ran with it, creating some decidedly Whiskey Tango Foxtrot timepieces. Believe it or not, the BR 01-97 CLIMB above … Continue reading

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New Watch Alert 2/7/2020

The great thing about the New Watch Alert: there’s always something new to contemplate. Great because the temporal torrent reminds me that watches are like cabs. If you miss one, another one will be along presently. I take solace in … Continue reading

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Seiko Silverwave Cockpit

In 1992, Bell & Ross launched its first watch: an airplane cockpit-inspired timepiece. Eleven years earlier, Seiko unveiled the Cockpit 2628-0040, born within their Silverwave collection (a Seikomatic and Sportsmatic sub-brand). The similarities are striking, yes? Let’s take a closer … Continue reading

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Glow-In-The-Dark Watches: 3 of the Best

As Tom Robbins famously pronounced, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. If your childhood didn’t include getting under the covers with a glow-in-the-dark watch, it is time. Here are my three favorite luminescent watches . . .

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New Bell & Ross BR05: Hip to be Square?

Bell & Ross are kinda wandering around these days. After establishing their brand with square watches based on airplane instrumentation — “from the cockpit to the wrist” — they’ve been playing around with round dials in their signature style. For … Continue reading

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