New Watch Alert: 3/13/2020

Vintage watch ad

Coronageddon is raging worldwide. A year from now, a vaccine will hit the streets and life will return to normal. Not all watch brands will be around to enjoy pent-up consumer demand. Meanwhile, new product keeps flowing into a hugely diminished market – big bargains are on their way. Here’s this week’s New Watch Alert . . .

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Unloved Watches for Sale

Omega De Ville Chronoscope Co-Axial Rattrapante

I’m on AuthenticWatches’ email list. They specialize in new-in-box discontinued models, on sale for a significant discount from their original MSRP. Some are completely unloved watches – MAJOR misfires that make you wonder how they came to exist in the first place. Let’s have a look (no commission on links) . . .

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New Watch Alert 2/14/20


This is the first New Watch Alert where I haven’t been ‘whelmed. That’s the new word women use when they get too many responses to their online dating profile. Because saying “overwhelmed” takes too much effort. I prefer the Toffler term “overchoice.” No matter what you call it, that’s the challenge I face when trying to stay abreast of new watches for you, gentle reader. It’s a tough job, but we can’t leave Hodinkee to do it  . . .

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Luxury Watch Prices Falling?

IWC MKXVIII. Luxury watch prices falling?

You might think luxury watch prices would be immune to annoyances like viral outbreaks and economic downturns. Nope. According to, “the last global recession lopped nine per cent off the size of the personal luxury goods market,” lowering luxury watch sales and prices. It would have been worse if not for China. Yes, well, the coronavirus outbreak . . .

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Bell & Ross Cockpit Classics

Bell & Ross cockpit classic - BR 01-97 CLIMB

The Seiko Silverwave Cockpit was the first cockpit-inspired wrist watch. And then French watchmaker Bell & Ross took le ball and ran with it, creating some decidedly Whiskey Tango Foxtrot timepieces. Believe it or not, the BR 01-97 CLIMB above is the least zany of the Bell & Ross cockpit classics (although it shares a careless disregard for screw head alignment). Here are four more compelling examples . . .

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