Coronavirus Watch 10: Pre-Owned Watches Glut

Watchbox pre-owned watches sell yours! pitch

Watchbox has stopped buying pre-owned watches. Even Rolex. Their website doesn’t say so, but why would it? A salesman taking the call can try to gin-up a trade or, at the least, data capture the seller for future reference. If the caller has something really special at a stupid price, exceptions can be made. But here’s the really stunning fact . . .

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Coronavirus Alert 9: Pre-Owned Market Slide Starts

Vacheron Constantin shuttered during coronavirus alert

If you scan the recently published article Watch Retailers Hunker Down During Covid-19 Crisis and Plan for Recovery, you’d be forgiven for thinking watch dealers are on coronavirus alert, but not panicking. They reckon they’ll “come through the Covid-19 crisis healthy and primed for recovery.” Reading between the lines, it’s a horological horse of a different color . . .

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Coronavirus Watch 6: Watch Dealers Trumped?

Trump tweetAfter more than three years of the President’s puddle of consciousness ranting and copious displays of ignorance, misstatements, wishful thinking, fabrications and egomania, the mainstream media still can’t resist trying to hold the Commander-in-Chief accountable for his words (and ignoring his accomplishments). They’re like cocaine-addicted mice hammering on the drug release bar as they wither and die. So last night’s midnight Trump tweet will get maximum airplay, which will delay watch dealers’ discounts. Or will it?

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Coronavirus Watch 4: Swiss Watches Nosediving

Bell & Ross Burning Skull

The Swiss Watch Federation has released its February export report. As you’d expect, the news isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it’s tsunamis and tornadoes. While is busy repeating the Communist Party line – Chinese shoppers are returning to the stores! – the stats indicate it’s the not even the beginning of the end. Coronageddon is a great buying opportunity and the world’s worst selling situation. Let’s run the numbers . . .

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Coronavirus Watch 3: Swiss Watch Survivors

Coronavirus watch watch

Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Hublot – Switzerland’s horological heavy hitters have ceased production. The reason given: they don’t want to put their workers at risk. Be that as it may, there’s no point making a Swiss watch. The world market has gone from freefall into hibernation. When it ends, which Swiss brands will survive? . . .

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