Swiss Watch Consolidation – Coronavirus Watch 31

Swiss watch consolidation starts here
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The Truth About Watches has been accused of harboring a doom-and-gloom view of the Swiss watch industry. That’s understandable. Who else has been running a coronavirus-related deathwatch since early March? That doesn’t mean we take pleasure in news of Swiss watch consolidation/bankruptcies. Just the opposite . . .

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Lousy Watch Websites Explained – Pt. 3

Lousy websites Hodinkee Shop ad

In Parts One and Two of this series, we explored the hidden dynamics behind lousy watch websites like Hodinkee and aBlogtoWatch. In this post, I want to explore the driving force behind their so-called editorial. How it represents the tenor of our times . . .

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Watch Websites’ Mediocrity – Pt. Two

Watch websites - Hodinkee Shop

In Watch Website – Why They’re So Boring, we revealed the not-entirely-hidden truth: watch websites are closerthanthis with watchmakers. So every watch they “review” is awesome. They either ignore Coronageddon or treat it like a sick Aunt’s unspeakable illness (that will surely get better on its own). The smartwatch is a “stepping stone” to “real” watches.” Etc. It was not always thus, but it’s getting worse, not better. As Deep Throat advised (link safe for work), follow the money . . .

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Watch Websites – Why They’re So Boring

watch website HoDinkee sells Apple

Watch website Hodinkee’s announcement that they’re going to carry the Apple Watch in their store was met with befuddlement here at TTAW Global HQ. The brand calling itself “the preeminent resource for modern and vintage wristwatch enthusiasts” should be embarrassed for carrying the thing that every single yutz at the local Pinkberry is wearing. Which raises an important question: why is the watch press so bad?

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Swiss Watches Crater – Coronavirus Watch 26

“As countries around the world contend with the health emergency, the economic effects of suspending almost all activity have inevitably impacted the Swiss watch industry,” reports, “and will continue to do so for months to come.” The latter part of that statement – predicting a “challenging” future for Swiss watch exports – reflects the industry’s growing realization that Coronageddon is a lot more than a flesh wound. The May numbers tell the tale . . .

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