Audemars Piguet to Retailers: FOAD – Coronavirus Watch 33

Watch news - AP CEO Bennahmias

“We are going to [see a] dematerialisation of retail,” Audemars Piguet CEO François-Henry Bennahmias pronounces in an interview with WatchBox. “I don’t need four walls to sell you a watch tomorrow.” (No word on how Audemars Piguet dealers feel about their dematerialisation.) According to, Bennahmias’ bet on online/home visit sales is based on . . .

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New Watch Alert 1/31/20

Blancpain Ode to Love 2020

My Apple Watch vibrates my wrist when it’s time to move around, lest I turn into Jabba the Horological Hutt. It’s an important feature – I lose track of time when I write. But I don’t lose track of watches for our New Watch Alert. Which is just as well. Each week brings a flood of new releases, of which I’ll share with you. Just remember: get up, stand up and stretch when you’re done. Otherwise, time will catch up with you . . .

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