Geneva Watch Days 2020 – Cynical, Stupid, Deadly and Doomed

Geneva Watch Days 2020

Coronageddon claimed Watches and Wonders and Baselworld. Both held off on deep-sixing their events as long as they could. Shortly after they pulled the plug – and not-so-coincidentally – the Swiss government banned all large-scale public gatherings. So that’s that. And then a conglomerate of Swiss watchmakers decided to create a new event with limited-size groups: Geneva Watch Days. Here’s part of their press release . . .

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GPHG Finalists: Mens’ Watch

We’ve had a look at the finalists for the Grand Prix Horologie De Genève Ladies‘ and Ladies’ Complication categories. This is where things get serious. Not because I’m a sexist pig. A win here equals both bragging rights and big bucks. Picking three from the six nominees to highlight here (with official pics and edited copy) is no easy task. I’m going to start with the wild card . . .

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