Disney Citizen Mulan Watch – Boycott?

Citizen Disney Mulan Watch - email

A Disney live-action remake of Mulan with a feminist hero. What could possibly go wrong? Ahead of its release, lead actress Liu Yifei shared a post on Chinese social media supporting the Hong Kong police against violent pro-democracy protesters, sparking a worldwide boycott of the film. What does this have to do with the Disney Citizen Mulan watch? . . .

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Watch News 7/11/2020

Rolex to Drop New Models September 1

Watch news - death to the Air King?

Coronageddon threw a spanner in the works for Rolex’s annual new model release. When COVID-19 shut down the world economy, the company [quietly] let it be known their new product launch team was skipping the annus horribilis entirely. Watch news! . . .

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Watch News 6/7/2020 – Rolex Mauls Modder!

Watch news! Rolex mauls laCalifornienne modder

Our Sunday watch news roundup starts with Rolex’s lawsuit against laCalifornienne. Rolex was none-too-happy with the Rolex modder’s modifications. watchpro.com reports that Rolex won their suit against the husband-and-wife owners for trademark violation. Will Rolex take on the other modders, such as Wildman, Blaken and Mad Paris? Rolex’s victory may also have implications for . . .

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Which Watch Industry Brands Will Die? – Coronavirus Watch 22

vintage longines ad

Watch Industry Braces For Historic Downturn HoDinkee proclaims. That’s like saying a car crash victim lying by the side of the road is bracing for impact. Dude, the downturn is here. Last month, Swiss watch exports fell by a staggering 81 percent. There’s no sign of a “revenge shopping” recovery. The real economy is in the tank. Ho’ writer Joe Thompson offers us a piercing glimpse into the obvious, then shares the following eye-opening prediction . . .

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IWC Ingenieur – Genta’s Masterpiece?

IWC Ingenieur by Gerald Genta

Gerald Genta’s influence on modern watch design can hardly be overstated. Our man Rivoira penned an excellent history of the watchmaker’s work, focusing on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus. Franz’s post skips over this watch: the 1976 Genta-designed IWC Ingenieur. A timepiece that started life in 1955 as an anti-magnetic watch for scientists. Which was just as well as . . .

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