BALL Watches – How Not to Sell A Watch

Ball watches Marvelight lume

The first rule of sales: make it easy to buy. A rule that BALL Watches rips to pieces and tosses in the wind. Truth be told, I found it impossible to buy a BALL watch. In fact, an authorized retailer advised me not to buy one. We’ll get to that. Here’s my sad tale of horological woe, a journey that began when I started writing “BALL Watches – Three of the Best,” I kid you not . . .

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Watch Depreciation – 3 Ways to Avoid It

Vacheron Constantin Malte on wrist

If you like your watch, you can keep your watch. With a bit of luck and an eventual COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll never have to sell it. When you die, someone else will take the hit. So depreciation – actually selling a watch for less than what you paid for it – isn’t a factor. Unless . . .

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Grand Seiko SBGA229 Review

The Grand Seiko SBGA229 Spring Drive Diver is emphatically not an OMEGA Seamaster or Rolex Submariner. But it is priced that way. So why would anyone spend their hard-earned and increasingly scarce money on a fancy Seiko rather than one of the Swiss stalwarts? Let’s be clear . . .

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007 Edition OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M

In 1995’s Golden Eye, OMEGA equipped Brosnan’s Bond with a blue dial Seamaster. From then on, the Seamaster was Commander Bond’s go-to wristwear. The twenty-fifth film in the Bond franchise marks twenty-five years of OMEGA sponsorship. In No Time to Die, 007’s OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer is suitably modern – and strangely vintage . . .

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OMEGA Olympic Games 2018: Review

OMEGA Olympic watch close up

The watch above is not the Omega Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Edition. For their most recent horological salute to “amateur” athletics, OMEGA gussied-up the full-sized Seamaster’s dial with laser engraving, slapped a semi-transparent Olympic logo on the back and called it good. It isn’t. It’s lazy. Last time ’round, with their Olympic Games 2018 watch (above), OMEGA nailed it . . .

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