Gold Rolex Day-Date 40 – Hot or Not?

Welcome to a new feature at The Truth About Watches where highly opinionated horophiles engage in a mostly pointless debate about desirability of various watches, both iconic and obscure. First up, Luke likes the looks of the all gold Rolex Day-Date 40 with a President bracelet. Hot or not?

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Grand Seiko SBGA229 Review

The Grand Seiko SBGA229 Spring Drive Diver is emphatically not an OMEGA Seamaster or Rolex Submariner. But it is priced that way. So why would anyone spend their hard-earned and increasingly scarce money on a fancy Seiko rather than one of the Swiss stalwarts? Let’s be clear . . .

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Seiko Arnie Review (Prospex SNJ025)

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando

Back in the 80’s, an Austrian weightlifter made a number of insanely violent and entertaining movies. In 1985’s Commando and 1987’s Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger wore a Seiko H558-5009 ani-digital dive watch. The future governor of California made his modest little Seiko into an action movie superstar. Fast forward to late 2019 . . .

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Grand Seiko 9F GMT Review

Grand Seiko 9F Quartz GMT at rest

A lot of watches offer GMT/second time zone functionality. Some of them are extremely expensive, powered by sophisticated automatic movements. Many self-described watch lovers turn up their nose at the very idea of a $3k Japanese quartz GMT watch. Those people are wrong. The Grand Seiko 9F Quartz GMT could well be the world’s best GMT watch . . .

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