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Baselworld + Coronavirus = The End?

Baselworld coronavirus. Not two words you want to see together. But there they are. In fact, the watch industry schmoozefest is hanging on by a thread. Bulgari announced today that it’s pulling out, blaming both the virus and the success … Continue reading

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Swatch Sistem51 Hodinkee Generation 1986

In the modern era of watch-as-cultural-phenomenon, a timepiece can be reviewed in at least two different fashions (pun intended). You can focus on the actual merits and faults of the thing, or look at it in the greater context of … Continue reading

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Apple Watch Dominates Swiss Watch Industry

The Smart Watch Crisis continues apace, as the Apple Watch dominates the entire Swiss watch industry. In terms of units sold, the gap between Chinese-made Apple Watches and Swiss-made Swiss watches (some with Chinese parts) is becoming a chasm. The … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Kills Time to Move Swatch Summit

“Considering the uncertainty related to the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus outbreak, and in order to guarantee the welfare of our guests, partners, and colleagues, Swatch Group has decided not to hold the Time to Move event.” That’s the email terminating the Swatch’s … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Catastrophe Kills Watch Sales

You may have heard that the coronavirus catastrophe has closed China for business. The effects are being felt throughout the region, and beyond. But that general statement doesn’t indicate the seriousness of the problem for Swiss watchmakers . . .

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SWATCH X Custom Watches Explained

SWATCH X is simple. You choose a pattern and a color for the mechanical movement. You drag a rendering of a clear SWATCH over the pattern. You release the mouse, add some text to the back of the watch, send … Continue reading

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Best Valentine’s Day Watch Under $600

Buying a Valentine’s Day watch without prior consultation is fraught with danger. If your beloved doesn’t like your gift and doesn’t tell you, it becomes a permanent reminder of your mistake and their ability to lie. If they don’t like … Continue reading

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