Hublot Big Bang e Revealed

Hublot Big Bang e Watch

The Hublot Big Bang e has dropped. The brand’s entry into the smartwatch world is a big deal – but not for the reasons the company suits would have you believe. While they reckon the Big Bang e brings Hublot into the modern world, the smartwatch stands a good chance of undermining their unique selling point: traditional watch style. Let’s have a look . . .

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Which Watch Industry Brands Will Die? – Coronavirus Watch 22

vintage longines ad

Watch Industry Braces For Historic Downturn HoDinkee proclaims. That’s like saying a car crash victim lying by the side of the road is bracing for impact. Dude, the downturn is here. Last month, Swiss watch exports fell by a staggering 81 percent. There’s no sign of a “revenge shopping” recovery. The real economy is in the tank. Ho’ writer Joe Thompson offers us a piercing glimpse into the obvious, then shares the following eye-opening prediction . . .

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American-Made Watches – Time to Buy?

American-made watches - Vortic

Vortic Watch Co. has launched the Keep The Lights On For American Manufacturing campaign. They’re raising money to “purchase raw materials in bulk for smaller companies that lack the financial resources to invest in the materials and parts needed to make the products that are desperately needed.” Um, what? Great landing, wrong airport. What’s needed from us, the watch community, is to buy American-made timepieces. Easier said than done . . .

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Joe Exotic’s Watch is a Mystery

Joe Exotic's watch

I can’t tell what watch Joe Exotic was wearing during the Tiger King documentary series. The picture above is as good an image as I could find of the convicted polygamist’s timepiece. It sure as Hell ain’t no Rolex. Diesel Chrono? Dunno. But I do know that the show’s trailer trash ethos raises potential interest in a more exotic tiger watch. So here we go . . .

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New Watch Alert 3/20/2020

Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer Flyback Blue

In the presence of the coronavirus epidemic, time suspends itself. As we get used to a different pace of life, as watchmakers and watch sellers shut down operations, all eyes turn to the Internet. And so our New Watch Alert continues – based on product roll-outs scheduled before Coronageddon. We’ll see how long this lasts, but it’s somehow comforting. Rock and roll . . .

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