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New Watch Alert 1/31/20

My Apple Watch vibrates my wrist when it’s time to move around, lest I turn into Jabba the Horological Hutt. It’s an important feature – I lose track of time when I write. But I don’t lose track of watches … Continue reading

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Timex x Pac-Man T80: Room For Squares

Welcome back to Room For Squares. Today we’re leaving the placid waters of Casio G-SHOCK ownership to consider two questions. Why would Timex make a flimsy digital watch with a Pac-Man overlay in 2019? Why can’t I get a Timex … Continue reading

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Traditional Watch vs. A Smart Watch

Traditional watch vs. a smart watch? The people have spoken. The vote is in. This year, for the first time, smart watches outsold traditional watches. Smart watch sales are set to double. Again. In the face of this horological hurricane, … Continue reading

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Which Watch for A Sex Club, Drug Deal or Police Interview?

When it comes to questions of style, the horological media are a pretty tame bunch. Watch reviewers focus on two questions: does the timepiece fit under the sleeve of a dress shirt and can it be worn casually and at … Continue reading

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Timex Waterbury Automatics

Timex makes some of the best-looking three-hand watches three-martini lunch money can buy. Their designers have an uncanny ability channel the brand’s “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” DNA into modern yet classic designs. The new-for-fall Timex Waterbury Automatics … Continue reading

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