Singer Track 1: Off-Track?


Looking at the Singer Track 1 — “the Chronograph Reimagined” — I hear track two of Chicago’s debut album: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Looking at the Singer Track 1, I don’t have a clue. A quarter-to-two-ish? No! In fact . . .

The Track 1’s outermost revolving ring charts the hours (indicated at the bottom of the watch). The next ring inwards indicates the minutes. After that, I get confused. Here’s the watchmaker’s video to the rescue!

Yeah . . . no. Not getting it. Let’s see what Singer says:

The chronograph function takes center-stage – as it should in a sports watch. The chronograph hours, minutes and seconds are coaxially mounted in the center of the dial, allowing the elapsed time to be read easily and clearly with just a glance.

Ah, OK! So the chrono time in the top image is eight hours, 43 minutes and 21 seconds. About the amount of time it took me to get on board with the roundabout way the Track 1 tells time. (In my defense, the units per hour track threw me off. )

According to Singer, you gotta “forget everything you thought you knew about the chronograph.” Not hard at my age. Nor is it hard not to agree that the “AgenGraphe caliber powering the Singer Track1 stands apart from all previous chronograph movements.”

As it should at 43’500 CHF ($44,049.74). Actually, considering the watchmaking prowess involved and lavish use of titanium, it’s a bargain, mate. Off the beaten track for sure, but a-track-tive in its own right. Right?

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