Sinn Spezialuhren’s Lothar Schmidt Celebrates 25 Years at the Helm. Watch out!


Lothar Schmidt doesn’t look like the kinda guy who’s gonna party like a rock star to celebrate 25 years as Sinn Spezialuhren‘s CEO. But you gotta hand it to Mr. Schmidt: his Frankfurt-based watchmaking enterprise has found a niche in the market, producing handsome, hand-crafted timepieces in the $1500 to $5k range, best bought from (TTAW never takes commissions). Here are four of my favorites . . .

First up: the Sinn 556. The 38.5mm timepiece is a meisterwerk of German minimalist legibility. At $1,160 it’s an excellent entry point for automatic movement aficionados ready to commit their first Sinn.

White may not be the new black, but the B&W Sinn 104 somehow combines a vintage feel with a modern sensibility. (Either that or I just like it.) The auto runs $1630 and offers one of the least objectionable, most perfectly sized day/date complications in modern horology.

I’m not a fan of U2, either the band or the submarine. With its black bezel and orange second-time zone inner ring and second hand,  the Sinn U2 SDR EZM 5 diver’s watch is a highly-legible Euro diving spec-compatible (filled with inert gas) timepiece. It’s a $2860 heirloom-quality addition for the aquatic-minded collector.

At 42mm, the Sinn 757 Black Tegimented is a bit of a beast, riding on a black bracelet. Aside from the still-tiny date window, the design is bold AF. I especially like how the 6 and 12 do double-duty for the sub-dials. That’ll run ya $3350, but you won’t lose it in a sock drawer.

[NB: If Sinn would like to send TTAW any of the above to review, is where we live.}

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