The Truth About The Truth About Watches


The horological press is deep in watchmakers’ pockets. That’s no secret. sells watches; they’re authorized dealers for Seiko, Grand Seiko, NOMOS, Longines, Ressence, Tag-Heuer, Zenith, Oris, Vacheon Constantin and Hamilton. On the lower end of the scale, watch watching websites take a cut of click-throughs to online watch sales. Follow the links . . .

follow the money. At the very least, the cozy relationship between the watch press and manufacturers helps determine which timepieces make the short list of the writers’ “five best dress watches” and suchlike. And then there are “special editions.”

Hodinkee’s Blancpain special edition sold out in minutes, dumping thousands of dollars into their corporate coffers. Undone’s unholy alliance with ABlogToWatch is certainly less profitable, but no less questionable. And now Gear Patrol’s prolific watch guy is hawking his hook-up with Hamilton for their “first-of-its-kind” watch.

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