Hodinkee = ‘Ho Dinkee


Hodinkee reviews - and sells - Grand Seiko

The writers at Hodinkee.com forgot more about watches than I know. I’ve spent countless hours at the masters’ feet, learning the history, business, technology and design of watches, both old and new. Far be it for me, a watch-addicted ignoramus, to tug on Superman’s cape. The thing is . . .

Hodinkee is in the watch industry’s pocket.

For one thing, Hodinkee sell watches. How can the media mavens honestly review a watch when they’re making bank on that very same timepiece — or other pieces in the brands’ model lineup? That’s without considering the limited edition models Hodinkee creates with brands like Blancpain.

How about this post from last November?

The OMEGA + HODINKEE pop-up shop is located at 274 Lafayette Street in downtown New York City. We will have almost every modern watch from the Speedmaster and Seamaster collections available for purchase in-store.

So if you’ve been saving up for your first Moonwatch, we got you. In addition, we will have a handful of our accessories and books available to peruse. Not in the market to buy? That’s okay! Come by and say hi. There will be a handful of vintage watches and maybe an astronaut suit (or two) on display. Or, if you just want to chat to your fave HODINKEE editor, we can accommodate that too. 

You can talk about Chinese walls between editorial and sales until you’re blue in the face, but this blogger knows when the fix is in. Hodinkee’s coverage (and non-coverage) of the dire Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet tells you all you need to know about the website’s editorial independence.

And if not that, today’s “In Partnership with” Grand Seiko lovefest betrays the umbilical cord of cash tying Hodinkee to their authorized dealer brands.

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE me some Grand Seiko. But unlike the big H, I’m happy to tell the world that the absence of Spring Drive models ties together Daniel Yong’s GS collection. As it should; the SD’s reserve power indicator totally dings GS aesthetics. (The date window not so much, but some.)

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  1. I 100% AGREE! Especially their modified SWATCH System 51 “Hodinkee” watches, UGLY! IMO. Watch reviewers shouldn’t be making or modifying watches for sale. And I LOVE SWATCH watches! So pissed I gave my super nice family Doctor the mid 90’s SWATCH with the neck artery and vein as hands, over a guy’s neck and face on the face of the SWATCH, you may know the one, I don’t have the model #, for a Christmas present, a $40.00 present. Anyway, just saw it’s selling for $140.00 on E Bay! Up $100.00! Shoulda given him a 96 Olympic SWATCH! Most haven’t even gone up from retail! Some have gone up. The Anne Levowitz Olympic SWATCH with an eye loop, and black sleeved box, is selling for the same $$, as what I paid for it!! I was confident THAT one would go up! Nope! Did get the Renzo Piano Jelly SWATCH, actually had two of them, but can’t find the second one. The Kostabi Twelve Apostles SWATCH. And my beloved SWATCH Skin Golden Jelly, and the plain Skin Jelly. Both still ticking away! SWATCH stopped making Skin watches in that shape, which looks WAY better than the current Skin SWATCH’s design, sad. New Skin watches shape looks strange. Even snagged original replacement straps, as the originals have yellowed since 1996. I’m TRULY surprised they still work as the have zero jewels in the movements. Lastly, my “NAUGHTY” SWATCH’s, the BUNNYSUTRA SWATCH, AND Yoko Ono’s “naked butt” SWATCH Can’t believe SWATCH made these models!! Yes, I ordered a BB Jelly, and actually bitched to SWATCH EXACTLY what you said, the plain movement is UGLY! Before finding your review of the watch. They have, and I own other exposed quartz movement SWATCH’s that have colored movement pieces, why not this giant Jelly?? Only thing I DON’T like! Look at the Piano Jelly SWATCH! BEAUTIFUL SWATCH!!! All the quartz movement pieces a different color, even the battery cover is colored purple, and came with a gold colored battery I cannot find anywhere now.
    And another thing that KILLS ME!! The ROLEX AD in Savannah, Ga., was no longer allowed to be a ROLEX dealer, because they couldn’t sell enough watches. (THIS is a story you should follow up on!) My ROLEX AD in Tallahasee, Fla., got the boot from ROLEX as well!! Anyways, I was there in Savannah talking to the manager, and this was about 4 years ago, and he offered me a NEW black SS Daytona for $8,000.00. I wanted a white one, so I politely declined, WHAT A FOOL I WAS!! Those are selling used now for $25K!! SO STUPID of me!! 4 years from $8K new, to $25K! WTF!? Levy Jewelers in Savannah has been a ROLEX dealer as long as I’ve been alive, and ROLEX won’t sell to them anymore!?! WHY?? And, as I said, Tallahasee, Fla. too. These smaller cities, ROLEX is dumping them, I think is horrible!! Why???

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