Vintage Omega Watch Horror Stories!


I don’t buy vintage watches. Why would I? I don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to check a vintage Omega watch for authenticity and condition. As this video from my man Omega Enthusiast proves; I spotted precisely none of the issues. I became a smarter Omega buyer — by realizing how dumb I am. Let’s face it . . .

There’s only one relatively safe way for a non-expert to buy a vintage Omega watch: buy from a trusted expert. A dealer with a solid rep and a physical address. If you have to pay more for this reassurance, do it. Do it gladly. I know. I know . . .

Vintyage Omega watch (courtesy

It’s easy to fall in love with a vintage watch (especially old Omegas). They’re handsome in a way that modern pieces can’t touch. They speak of class and qulity. They reflect a simpler gentler time, before Sylvester Stallone’s Panerai preference gave birth to Richard Mille’s jumbo-sized over-the-top exhuberance. They’re pre-heirloomed heirlooms.

Just remember, when it comes to vintage watches, beauty is more than skin deep. As Robert Palmer discovered, a pretty face don’t make no pretty heart. Want a vintage stunner? Pony-up for a horological heart surgeon.


  1. Oh brother, early on, I bought two eBay Omega Frankenwatches. One of them I caught right away and got my money back, the other I keep as as reminder and I know I could never sell in good conscience. Live and learn. Thankfully, they were
    Inexpensive mistakes that proved valuable on the long run.

    • Live and learn! The Omega Enthusiast is a straight shooter. Just remember that a good reputation — peace of mind — is worth cash money.

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