New Watch Alert: 7/3/2020

new watch alert! Tudor Black Bay 58 in blue

New watch alert! The new blue dial Tudor Black Bay 58 is a sensation! It’s got more Instagram likes than Rachel Cooke. Not really, but it is a watch. We’ve got the lowdown on eleven more new timepieces clamoring for your attention. Let’s not keep them waiting . . .

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New Watch Alert: 3/13/2020

Dolce & Gabbana Roma

Coronageddon is raging worldwide. A year from now, a vaccine will hit the streets and life will return to normal. Not all watch brands will be around to enjoy pent-up consumer demand. Meanwhile, new product keeps flowing into a hugely diminished market – big bargains are on their way. Here’s this week’s New Watch Alert . . .

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Rolex, Panerai and The Nazis

Non Rolex brand Panerai 3646 Type D, made for Nazi swimmers

While researching the lack of Panerai modders (as opposed to Rolex modders), I stumbled across an article by the improbably named Jose Pereztroika at Modified Panerai 3646 with Solid Lugs opened my eyes to an important chapter in the history of Panerai and Rolex. It starts with a confrontation between Italian watchmaker Giuseppe Panerai and Nazi Lieutenant Commander Heinz Schomburg . . .

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Seiko Quartz LC Chronograph: Review

Seiko Quartz LC money shot

The Seiko Quartz LC Chronograph wasn’t my first watch. It was my first computer. Unlike my eventual Apple II, the Japanese digital watch didn’t overheat, crash or confuse me. There’s the time, day and date. M’kay? Here’s how the chrono function works . . .

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Top Gun 2 Watch: Orfina Porsche Design Chronograph 1

Top Gun 2: Orfina Porsche Design

Top Gun dropped in 1986. Aside from shocking us with its homoerotic volleyball scene and popularizing the methhead expression “I feel the need for speed,” the movie was famous for making Tom Cruise look taller than 5’7″. I mean a mega-star. Which watch did Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell wear while hot-dogging an F-14? Which one does he wear in Top Gun: Maverick? . . .

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