Most Popular Dial Color, Size and Complication


Tudor Black Bay 41 blue dial with Montecristo cigar brokers an awful lot watch sales. Their database of “interest” (not sales) gives us a good idea of the most popular dial color, watch size and complication for 2019. Check out the results below, flavored with feedback from TTAW’s viewing stats.

Dial Color

Last year, green was the done thing, dial color-wise. This year, blue dials were the most popular. Well, not quite. Black dials were number one, blue was number two, followed by silver and white.

The new Bell & Ross BR05 in a blue dial color

TTAW’s review of the Tudor Black Bay 41 – blue is the new Black Bay- was our most popular post of 2019 (image at top of post). The fact the Bell & Ross launched their Gerald Genta wanna-be BR05 in a blue hue, and the rise of Instragram’s #bluewatchmonday, confirms and perpetuates the dial color change.

Yema Navygraf: dial color orange (courtesy

Although orange didn’t make Chrono24’s list, our review of the black-and-yellow Yema Navygraf Heritage has been a big hit. Likewise the review of the orange [is not the new black] Seiko Diver Automatic Orange.

Ming 17.06 on wrist


Thanks to Sylvester Stallone, traditional watches the size of tea saucers were once de rigeur. The trend toward smaller timepieces continues. Chrono24 says watches with 40mm or 42mm cases received the most attention.

OMEGA Aqua Terra Apple Store

Yes, well, I’m heartened by the response to our review of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 and the classic Rolex Explorer, also 39mm.

While the runaway success of our “Casioak” G-SHOCK GA-2100 review bucks the downsizing trend at 45mm, OMEGA’s 41mm Aqua-Terra garnered plenty of eyeballs. And it’s no shrinking violet (7″ wrist above).

Citizen Promaster Navihawk A-T Eco-Drive GMT- because life isn't complicated enough


“This year’s most popular complication is the date display,” Chrono24 reveals. “Second place goes to the chronograph (or stopwatch) function. The practical GMT function, which features a second time zone, rounds off the podium in third.”

The Citizen Promaster Navihawk A-T Eco-Drive GMT has it all – and then some! As does an Apple Watch . . .

Glasshutte Original Sea Q

I’ve said my piece regarding my date window antipathy (not a fan). Even so, my tip of the hat to the Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date got click props for its window into good taste.

One complication Chron24 didn’t consider: the effect of smart watch sales on mechanical and quartz timepieces. So we did that for you. Enjoy.

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