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Microbrand Watches: Good Enough?

Over on kickstarter. the Axios’ Watches Ironclad Robust 500m Swiss Automatic Dive Watch met its $21,795 funding target in three minutes. As of this writing, the company raised $189,614. If you need proof that microbrand watches are The Next Big Thing in traditional watchmaking, there you go. And why is that? Money . . .

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Ming 17.06 Monolith FTW

Whether it’s a Grand Seiko Elegance Collection timepiece or a Citizen Pro-Master Tough, simple watches are my thing. As I scour the internet for horological news, I come across a fair number of minimalist masterpieces. As Bob Marley would say, of which I share with you. Today’s choice: the forthcoming Ming 17.06 Monolith. I’m not sure that’s the right name for this watch as . . .

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