Caprice Rolex Robbery A Warning to Us All


Caprice Bouret - watch crime

Caprice Bouret is a big deal in the U.K. Famous for her physical charms, the 47-year-old American-born model has built quite an empire in The Land of Hope and Glory. As you’d expect, Caprice owns some pricey jewelry and watches. Apparently, she’s smart enough to lock them away. Her houseguests, not so much. reports that thieves invaded her holiday home on the island of Ibiza . . .

“We had some old friends to stay. I had no real clue, but they had all brought expensive things with them including watches and necklaces worth thousands, and lots of cash. Had I known, I would’ve sealed the home when we went out!”

“One of my guests went to their room and came out immediately and said, ‘My Rolex has gone?’ It had been next to the bed My heart sank. I realised we’d been robbed. My friends were devastated. I burst into tears. I felt so guilty, so invaded. I felt my sanctuary had been breached. It was terrible.”

“Perhaps the most frightening thing is that I think it was an inside job — someone knew we would all be out.”

Lesson: if you wear an expensive Rolex, you’re a target. Caprice should have known that even in [what passes for] paradise there are those who consider a Rolex an opportunity to engage in extra-governmental wealth redistribution.

Caprice doesn't want to be this guy

Caprice’s tale of woe is hardly the first story we’ve reported where thieves targeted Rolex owners. Including violence. Hong Kong’s

Hong Kong police have so far arrested two men believed linked to a robbery captured on video earlier this month in which a man was slashed in front of horrified onlookers in a railway concourse and had a HK$270,000 (US$35,000) Rolex watch snatched from him.

Don’t leave your house unlocked, don’t leave your watches unsecured, don’t take your expensive watches on vacation and don’t think meeting a Rolex buyer in a public place protects you (as per the victim above).

Oh, and don’t wear your Rolex when hooking-up with a hooker. (Note: stashing your Rollie in your car while going for a roll in the hay isn’t going to help.)

Rolex robbers

The robbery occurred March 17 around 10 p.m., police said, when the female suspect, identified as Karina Giordano, 46, invited the unnamed victim to “come up to her apartment” as they sat in a parked car. The victim agreed and, once inside, was “struck in the head” with a handgun and later attacked with a rubber hammer used to bash his hand, police said.

During the incident, the two male suspects removed the victim’s Rolex watch and two necklaces, which police said were worth $87,000, as well as two cellphones, identification, cash and keys.

Police said Giordano went to the victim’s car and took a second Rolex watch, valued at $14,500.

This isn’t an argument against buying and wearing a Rolex per se. Or maybe it is. Anyway, take it from the guy who founded The Truth About Guns, situational awareness saves lives. This could be you.


  1. Been wearing Rolex for the past decade while living and traveling around Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, much of Europe and elsewhere. Including many late night ventures and seedy stripe clubs and all sorts of people. NEVER had a problem. Fear mongering is a media favorite and sheeple love to be scared. You can get robbed for your wallet, sunglasses, or just because you look out of place – or shitty luck.

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