HoDinkee’s Pulvirent – Champagne Socialist

Stephen Pulvirent (image courtesy valetmag.com)

“Do you ever struggle with the relationship b/t obscene wealth inequality and luxury watches?” That’s the question put to HoDinkee’s Managing Editor on Instagram (image courtesy valetmag.com). Stephen J. Pulvirent’s answer reveals that yes indeed, he’s morally conflicted¬†. . .

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Apple Watch – Why You Need One

Apple Watch and trad watches

When the Apple Watch debuted, I spent years in denial. I’m not gonna sacrifice my babies on the altar of wrist-borne computing! For what? And then I bought one. Here are three ways the Apple Watch makes itself indispensable . . .

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Luxury Watch Prices Falling?

IWC MKXVIII. Luxury watch prices falling?

You might think luxury watch prices would be immune to annoyances like viral outbreaks and economic downturns. Nope. According to voguebusiness.com, “the last global recession lopped nine per cent off the size of the personal luxury goods market,” lowering luxury watch sales and prices. It would have been worse if not for China. Yes, well, the coronavirus outbreak . . .

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Hodinkee Scam: “Just Because”

Hodinkee link scam? The $34k Seamaster 300 Co-Axial

Back in the day, Hodinkee published independent watch reviews for horophiles looking for solid intel. Those days are gone. The website now sells the watches it “reviews.” Careful readers will discount Hodinkee’s Lake Woebegone-take on timepieces, where every watch is above average and “criticism” is couched more carefully than Roche Bobois. The uninitiated are on notice: the website’s “Just Because” series is a Hodinkee scam. And it goes a little something like this . . .

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The Dress Watch – Death Greatly Exaggerated

Blancpain dress watch

“As the downturn of the watch industry marches on, the dress watch, once a proud general leading the troops, is now becoming the first casualty.” As the guy who argued that the dive watch genre is doomed,¬†I may not be the best person to criticize Martin Green at quillandpad.com for pronouncing time of death on the dress watch. Oh well. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it . .

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