Dornblueth & Sohn Central Seconds

Dornblueth & Sohne Central Seconds white

The Dornblueth & Sohn Central Seconds is our Minimalist Watch of the Day. (I swear it’s a coincidence that WatchFinder released a video celebrating this watch as I was writing this.) To slip one on your wrist costs $4680. That’s a pretty big hit on the plastic for a 42mm three-handed timepiece that looks, well, minimalist. Especially as the Dornblueth models with a seconds subdial cost $460 less. Why pay more for less? . . .

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Swiss Railways Watch Sport Day Date

Mondaine watch close-up

Thanks to Swiss railway engineer Hans Hilfiker, the Official Swiss Railways Watch was, is and always will be the most legible watch made by hand of man. The original design – white dial, black hands and indices, red second hand – is perfect. Changing or adding anything is like messing with Mozart. Still, a Swiss watchmaker’s gotta finagle a few Francs here and there. So Mondaine cranks-out a freight car’s worth of Railways riffs . . .

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Seiko Solar Dress Watch ($85)

Seiko Solar close-up

Back when I was a kid, $85 bought you a small house in the suburbs. Not really. But it wasn’t nothing. These days, you can’t buy a lot with $85. O.K., sure, a gram of cocaine. In terms of watches, you’d be scraping the bottom of the barrel marked “made in China by poor people in wretched conditions.” Unless you bought a Seiko Solar SUP873. Now let me be VERY clear about something . . .

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Citizen Eco-Drive One Limited Edition

Citizen Eco-Drive One LE side view

The Citizen Eco-Drive One is the world’s thinnest watch. And? While no Watchbox video would be complete without Tim Mosso revealing whether or not a particular timepiece fits under a shirt cuff, after that benchmark, at some point, horological thinness is like limbo dancing: both completely astounding and faintly ridiculous. Then again . . .

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Kiura Chrono: Minimalist Masterpiece

Kiura chronograph

I recently ripped Italian watch designer Alessio Romano a new one. I dubbed his Ora Major “the world’s most illegible timepiece, comprised of two armless stick figures rotating around each other like drunken sailors.” I stand by my assessment. And now I’m crediting Sr. Romano with designing a minimalist masterpiece: the Kiura Chrono . . .

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