Ming 17.06 Monolith FTW


Ming 17.06 Monolith with iPhone accompaniment

Whether it’s a Grand Seiko Elegance Collection timepiece or a Citizen Pro-Master Tough, simple watches are my thing. As I scour the internet for horological news, I come across a fair number of minimalist masterpieces. As Bob Marley would say, of which I share with you. Today’s choice: the forthcoming Ming 17.06 Monolith. I’m not sure that’s the right name for this watch as . . .

it’s not made out of a single block of stone.

The Monolith is, however, a departure from the brand’s 17.01 plastic predecessor. Ming’s making the 17.06’s case from industry standard 316L stainless steel, complete with an internally fixed bezel for easy assembly and service. The result is water resistant to 100m.

Stunning Ming 17.06 Monolith

According to Ming’s marketing mavens, the 17.06’s machining tolerances of 10 microns “allow for a crisp 20 micron edge bevel and double lug holes accommodate the wearer’s choice of both straight and curved springbar straps.”

Monolithic also implies BIG. As the two other Ming watches on sale are 39mm, I’m thinking the 17.06 will hit the same milimetric sweet spot. So I’m also thinking the guy in the promo shot above has a small arm and wrist.

Design-wise, there’s not a lot to to the Ming 17.06 Monolith. But there’s a lot to love. Check out this lume shot:

Ming 17.06 Monolith. Now that's what I call lume!

I reckon the 17.06’s dial has a distinctly Art Deco feel to it. Props to the artist for extending the minute hand over the chapter ring, while keeping the hour hand within it. Even when its hands aren’t happy, the 17.06 will be easier to read than a Lee Child novel.

Whoever crafted this look, the Ming 17.06 Monolith’s  realization is a multi-national endeavor.

Powered by a self-winding ETA 2824-2 modified to have two crown positions and regulated in five positions; assembly and quality control is now performed by La Division du Temps, a division of Manufacture Schwarz Etienne. Final checks on every watch are performed by the MING team in Kuala Lumpur, and the package is completed with a handmade strap by Jean Rousseau Paris and leather travel pouch hand-sewn by Studio Koji Sato.

Here’s the kicker: the Monolith runs just 1250 Swiss francs ($1,267.34). Kicker number two: Ming’s merciless. They’re only making 100 pieces. If you want to buy a 17.06 you’re best advised to click here on September 9 at 1pm GMT. That’s five AM CMT. Oy.

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