HoDinkee Travel Clock Jumps the Shark

HoDinkee travel clock in hand

Three days ago, HoDinkee introduced their $5900 limited edition HoDinkee travel clock. The watch community was not amused. They let HoDinkee have it, both barrels, dissing the product for being ditchwater dull and hideously overpriced. They called out HoDinkee for being, well, a ‘ho. The criticism was pointed, withering and angry. So HoDinkee shut off comments on their Instagram page . . .

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Watch Websites – Why They’re So Boring

watch website HoDinkee sells Apple

Watch website Hodinkee’s announcement that they’re going to carry the Apple Watch in their store was met with befuddlement here at TTAW Global HQ. The brand calling itself “the preeminent resource for modern and vintage wristwatch enthusiasts” should be embarrassed for carrying the thing that every single yutz at the local Pinkberry is wearing. Which raises an important question: why is the watch press so bad?

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HoDinkee to Vortic: FOAD

Vortic logo

As we reported earlier, pocket-watch-to-wristwatch manufacturer Vortic is on a knife’s edge. If Hamilton wins its Vortic lawsuit for trademark infringement, the American watchmaker will be out of business. It’s a big story – David vs. Goliath – with wider implication for product recycling.  A story that HoDinkee point-blank refused to cover. The reason is simple . . .

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HoDinkee’s Clymer: My Plan to Save the Watch Industry!

Benjamin Clymer (courtesy youtube.com)

One week into shelter-in-place restrictions and HoDinkee’s founder Benjamin Clymer has a plan! “I would encourage you, if you are looking to buy a watch, to buy it new and authorized,” his open letter pleads, “as those sales help retailers, distributors, and manufacturers stay afloat.” Save the watch industry! Buy from HoDinkee at full retail! Not kidding . . .

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HoDinkee’s Coronavirus Report

HoDinkee's Coronavirus coverage doesn't include Macau shutdown

The Truth About Watches has been reporting on the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the watch industry since it first reared its ugly head in December. HoDinkee’s been predictably silent on the subject – given their closerthanthis relationship with the main playas. Post Baselworld cancellation, HoDinkee can’t ignore the story. They’re ridiculously late to the party, but they brought some interesting info . . .

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