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As we reported earlier, pocket-watch-to-wristwatch manufacturer Vortic is on a knife’s edge. If Hamilton wins its Vortic lawsuit for trademark infringement, the American watchmaker will be out of business. It’s a big story – David vs. Goliath – with wider implication for product recycling.  A story that HoDinkee point-blank refused to cover. The reason is simple . . .

Hamilton is owned by the Swatch Group. HoDinkee is owned by the SWATCH group. Not literally of course. Effectively.

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HoDinkee banks big bucks as an authorized dealer for OMEGA, Blancpain, Longines and Hamilton. Swatch Group brands all. Covering the Vortic lawsuit would put millions of dollars at risk. Not to mention access to the Swatch Group’s other brands for “review.”

Strip out all the pretentious twaddle, the endless love letters to new watches and the all-punches-pulled “journalism” on Ben Clymer’s baby and you’re left with one inescapable fact: HoDinkee is a pimp. A pimp masquerading as an authoritative voice on all matters horological.

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In this, HoDinkee is hardly alone. aBlogtoWatch also turned its back on the Vortic lawsuit story, refusing to give it a single line of coverage. In fact, there’s not one Vortic related story or review on Ariel Adam’s self-proclaimed “World’s Most Popular Watch Blog.”

Anyone who trusts either website to provide independent watch news and reviews is sadly mistaken. These websites are money machines whose only loyalty is to their bottom line.

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HoDinkee’s refusal to present Vortic’s side of the story – to even mention it – is sickening. What do you expect from the man who responded to the coronavirus’ catastrophic effect on bricks-and-mortar watch dealers by launching  a Retailer Spotlight series? This on the same website that’s putting retailers out of business. How very noble of him.

The Truth About Watches tells the truth about watches. We will continue to cover Vortic’s epic battle with the Swatch Group and the state of the industry and its practices. We will continue to review watches without fear or favor.

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If the market rewards our work, TTAW will become an ad-based business with zero crossover between editorial and advertising. In the same way, I made The Truth About Cars and The Truth About Guns both profitable and trustworthy.

If there isn’t a market for free and fair horological news and reviews, I’ll be able to walk away from this venture with my head held high. In the same way Vortic co-founder R.T. Custer can look himself in the mirror and know that he fought the good fight, come what may.

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  1. It says something about Vortic that I can’t be driven to care about them. The hipster logo doesn’t help, but the watches are fugly and they merely print cases anyway. They are too damned lazy to even remove the original maker’s mark off the dial.

  2. I’m keeping an eye on this case. I really like what Vortic is doing and even reached out to them about converting an old pocket watch of mine. They weren’t able to help me, but they were friendly, helpful and got back to me quickly. Going forward I’m afraid I’ll be viewing Swatch group and their companies with a jaundiced eye.

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