Graham Stefan Ignores his Own Advice and Buys a $20k Zenith El Primero Watch


“This video was meant to have a positive message and story behind it, and to illustrate that many watches hold value and make rather profitable investments,” 26-year-old YouTube investment guru Graham Stefan assures his followers, after throwing them into major WTF mode . . .

Hello? Mr. Shafer went without coffee creamer to hoard money to invest. The miniature millennial money maven preaches the gospel of short term pain for long-term gain. And then goes out and blows it all by saying I love you to a $20k Zenith El Primero 50th Anniversary A386 Revival Watch.

Limited to “just” 50 pieces — actually, 50 per material for 150 in total — the Revival edition of Mr. Stefan’s grandfather’s watch is not exactly what I’d call a rock-solid horological investment. Not the nadir, but not the best place to park your money, either.

Not like, say, an equally spendy Vacheron Constantine Overseas. Whose resale value will never go below 60 percent of its retail price; assuming box, papers and watch remain in top condition, and an EMP doesn’t make ammunition more valuable than mechanical timepieces.

What about a Rolex as investment? If you can blackmail a dealer or owner into selling you a panda-eyed Daytona, Pepsi Submariner or another of rthe gotta-haves, you can flip those bad boys faster than Simone Biles. Not that you can flip Ms. Biles. You know what I mean.

Meanwhile, there’s Mr. Stefan’s obvious struggle to justify going against his own advice — and failing miserably. At length. Blowing a $20k hole in his credibility.

Hey, I feel for you little guy. Fighting horology’s siren song ain’t easy. But at least we should be honest about our addiction to friends, family and YouTube followers. There’s no rational reason to spend $20k on a watch. In short . . .

My name is Robert Farago and I’m a watch addict. Pull up a chair Graham and join the club.


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