Modified Rolex. Abomination or Wikkid Pissa?


“A reimagined Rolex Daytona in solid gold,” laCalifornienne titled this image on their Instagram account. “What should we call this colorway?” Someone who appreciates Rolex watches’ immaculate designs might call it clown vomit, but I couldn’t possibly comment. But wait! There’s more . . .

I’m a big fan of “found object” art,  and God bless free market capitalism, but this one lost me in both concept and execution. Who’s the target market for this sort of thing and why do I get the feeling they own a Pontiac Aztek? Or should.

There are modded Rolex watches that don’t offend delicate aesthetic sensibilities like mine. Check out this Rolex Milgauss Pride from

How Movado-esque! And then there’s this limited edition modded Daytona.

Moving from the ridiculous to the sublime, we find that black is the new black (and the old black too). I’m digging this German-tweaked Blaken Black Air King mit  schwarze Armband.

Their blacked-out Rolex Explorer II ain’t bad, neither.

There are surprising number of high-quality Rolex modders out there — who void your Rolex warranty from the git-go. Who usually offer their own warranty to soothe nervous customers.

For some wealthy buyers, a custom Rolex is the bomb. Just be aware that the second you mess with your Rolex, its resale value craters. Worth it? We report, you deride.

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