Citizen Promaster Navihawk

My idea of pilot’s watch: a big ass, entirely legible watch with just the time on it. No date. No Chrono. Nada. The rest of the info comes from your airplane instruments. If you disagree, Citizen would like you to consider the new Promaster Navihawk. It comes complete with  . . .

world time in 43 cities, radio controlled accuracy, tachymeter, perpetual calendar, alarm, power reserve indicator and a bezel to help keep track of fuel consumption (in both litres and pounds of imperial or U.S. gallons).

But wait! There’s more!

The Promaster Navihawk is anti-magnetic and anti-shock, water resistant to 666 feet (in case you ditch your plane in the drink and want to pay the devil his due) and motivated by ye olde Eco-Drive caliber E660 (powered by any light source).

Now how much would you pay?

Prices range from $650 to the $895 A-T (above), which adds a digital display to a dial more crowded than an Austin craft beer festival. Fortunately, Citizen provides videos to teach owners how to set the damn thing.

As you can see the Navihawk’s a bit of a beast. A 45mm timepiece that make your wrist look like a cockpit, even when the digital display’s powered down.

Citizen is on a roll, hitting the sub-$1k sweet spot for watches that don’t need a battery and take a licking and keep on ticking. This one should find a home with people who want a watch that reminds them of their small plane. Or the small plane they wish they had.

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