Hermès Apple Watch 5: BCBG!

Hermès Apple Smartwatch 5 has a buttery soft strap

Hermès Apple Smartwatch 5 has a buttery soft strap

The Hermès Apple Watch 5 is one of those limited time only deals. Available in either a silver or blacked-out steel case, it differs from the highest price Apple Watch Series 5 in one key way: a Swift leather band. Here’s a closer look at Hermès band on the run [via baghunter.com]:

Formerly known as Gulliver leather until it was discontinued in 1999, this wonderful leather was reintroduced to the market in 2005 under the new name Swift.

Hermès smartwatch is a class act

The leather features a fine grain which is incredibly soft to touch and has the ability to reflect light while absorbing dye [creating brighter colors] like few other leathers on the market.

The only drawback is that it is prone to scratches, however, small scratches are easily removed by a gentle swipe of your fingers.

Swipe the phone, swipe your saddle-soft leather band. Sounds like a plan. Sounds . . . sexy. Mind you, it’s an expensive plan. Le montre intelligente d’Hermès runs $1249 to $1499, depending on your choice of leather. Here’s the top-of-the-line Hermès Apple Watch strap:

Hermes scarf motive smartwatch

Hermès Apple Watch 5 straps come in either “Single Tour” (standard length) or “Double Tour” (an extra-long version that wraps around the wrist twice). You can order your Bulgari Surpenti-style Double Tour Apple Watch 5 strap in a range of solid shades or a combination of solid color and a printed motif taken from the Hermes “Della Cavalleria” scarf (above).

Sans nul doute, the Hermès straps will be buttery soft, perfectly dyed and stitched better than Lilo. It’s too bad political correctness prevents Hermès from offering their Apple strap in one of their magnificent animal skins: alligator, crocodile, lizard and ostrich.

Organge is the new black for buyers of the steel Hermes Apple smartwatch

Buyers who opt for the silver steel case can console themselves with the “free” second orange sports band.

You may have noticed the Hermès-specific Apple Series 5 Watch face. Yes, well, @jingwatch offers a Hermès face for any smartwatch, and a lot more.

The mechanical version of the Hermes Apple Smartwatch

I’ve said it before: smartwatches are an existential threat to traditional watchmakers. Is the Hermès brand waving the white flag for in-house horology with their Apple collaboration? Not at all. Well, not much. But the danger to that business isn’t going away. At all. Ever.

[BCBG is French slang for beau cadre, bon goût. Good class, good taste]

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