Best Valentine’s Day Watch Under $600

Valentine's Day watch - SWATCH HEARTS LOTS

Buying a Valentine’s Day watch without prior consultation is fraught with danger. If your beloved doesn’t like your gift and doesn’t tell you, it becomes a permanent reminder of your mistake and their ability to lie. If they don’t like it and do tell you, well, that’s awkward. If you must, here are three romantic AF Valentine’s Day watches for women (no commission). Gentlemen, choose your timepiece!


As we pointed out previously, ladies prefer battery power. (For their watches.) Hence every Valentine’s Day watch listed here is quartz-powered. Our first choice “has enough hearts to warm up the whole world with love.” And there you were thinking SWATCH’s copywriters didn’t take ecstasy,. “It’s ready for all lovers out there, everywhere, every day.” OK, they’ve got a point there.

Valentine's Day watch - SWATCH HEARTS LOTS caseback

The 34mm HEART LOTS watch is sappy enough that it’s an ideal “I love you SO MUCH on this ridiculously commercial special day” present. But the HEARTS LOTS is both subtle and fun enough to be a daily timepiece long after your significant other’s blood sugar level recovers from the accompanying chocolates. Swiss watch, Swiss chocolates. Amiright? [NB: this one will sell out.]

Bling AF Valentine's Day watch - Citizen CECI

Citizen CECI – $396

ECO-DRIVE will keep the CECI mighty real for decades to come – although the 32mm watch will power down in a dark closet. More importantly, this timepiece looks expensive, adorned as it is with diamonds, a mother-of-pearl dial, a blue spinel cabochon crown (a la Cartier) and and a gold bracelet.

GOLD Valentine's Day watch - CECI caseback

Yes, the diamonds get an F in the four C’s of rock rating. The spinel is “simulated.” And the gold bracelet is pink gold-toned stainless steel. But the CECI gets away with it for anyone who’s not a brand snob (or a jeweler). It’s a bit of a blingy risk amongst Valentine’s Day watches, but spizzarkle shows your love that your love is more than practical.

Retro-styled Valentine's Day watch - Hamilton Bolton Small Seconds

Hamilton Boulton Small Seconds – $595

You might think the Hamilton Boulton is a modern day Cartier rip-off, minus a faux crown jewel. Au contraire! The Boulton joined the Hamilton collection back in 1940, before the American watchmaker bolted for Switzerland. Hamilton simply “reimagined the timepiece for the twenty-first century”

Ideal Valentine''s Day watch at rest - Hamilton Boulton Small Seconds

The Boulton’s now a more female-friendly quartz watch. Printed Roman numerals replaced applied Arabic numbers, the sapphire crystal resists scratches and the sealed case guarantees it won’t kitchen sink without a trace. The Boulton Small Seconds remains a lyrical piece with really small seconds – as you’d expect for an 18mm watch. Small seconds, big smile. ‘Nuff said?

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