LMVH + HoDinkee = Zero Credibility


LMVH group owns a piece of HoDinkee

The writer known as Jose Pereztroika earned our respect and thanks for his exposé on the connection between Panerai, Rolex and the Nazis. In another major coup, Mr. Pereztroika has uncovered the fact that the luxury group LMVH has part ownership of the watch website HoDinkee. The relationship throws epic shade on any claim HoDinkee has on editorial credibility. This come as no surprise to anyone who . . .

read our post Hodinkee = ‘Ho DinkeeAs we wrote, “How can the media mavens honestly review a watch when they’re making bank on that very same timepiece — or other pieces in the brands’ model lineup?” We’re talking about a website that sells timepieces from 28 brands, from Apple to Zenith.

LMVH + Hodinkee in action

Anyone who’s read more than one of HoDinkee’s “watch reviews” knows their writers and editors never met a watch they didn’t like. The fact that they regularly claim to have a Chinese wall between editorial, advertising and sales tells you all you need to know about HoDinkee’s honesty and integrity – as in the complete lack thereof.

And now we learn that LMVH – the world’s largest luxury conglomerate – has a financial stake in HoDinkee. It’s right there, in the “Portfolio” page of LMVH’s corporate website, along with the following description:

Hodinkee travel clock buyer

Hodinkee, a NYC-based media and e-commerce platform, is an undisputed reference in the watch industry.

The company has successfully gathered a loyal and ever-growing community of watch aficionados thanks to its qualitative and educational content, its curated and refined selection of vintage and modern watches and unique collaborations with prestigious brands for limited editions.

The HODINKEE Shop, launched in 2012, is now established as one of the most trusted timepiece and accessories retail platforms for consumers and enthusiasts alike. It is now an authorized retailer for over 10 of the most important watch brands in the world.

Note: “trusted retail platform.” Not trusted source for editorials, news and reviews – qualitatively speaking.

LMVH brands

LMVH owns Bulgari, Chaumet, FRED, Hublot, TAG Heuer and Zenith watch brands. Don’t get to thinking that HoDinkee is only beholden to these brands. Again, they sell 28 other watch brands.

More than that, HoDinkee answers to LMVH execs. That puts Ben Clymer’s mob right in the middle of the Swiss watch cartel, the closerthanthis relationship between all the Swiss brands. Not to put too fine a point on it, HoDinkee a diss-free zone.

Grand Seiko GMT

If you can’t trust HoDinkee to give you the straight shit on the watch industry or its products, who can you trust?

Certainly not any watch website that sells watches (e.g., fratello.com). Definitely not one that sells exclusive “special edition” co-production watches. Nor any site that posts “sponsored content” (e.g., aBlogtoWatch.com).

For sure you can trust us, The Truth About Watches. As I promised back in the day, “We will not take any commission on any watch sale or external link. We will not create, promote or sell a joint venture with any watchmaker. We will not run sponsored content.” Full transparency? Of course.

Jose Perezstroika

I can’t say I was surprised with Mr. Pereztroika’s revelation about HoDinkee’s leap into bed with LMVH. The man is a fearless writer; he’s welcome to post here anytime. As is anyone else who loves watches and wants a place to publish their unvarnished reports and opinions.

Meanwhile, TTAW will continue its mission without fear or favor. And HoDinkee will continue theirs, subverting the truth for their commercial interest. Spread the news: HoDinkee is not to be trusted. Not now. Not ever. Never.


  1. I was curious about Ariel Adams’ comment on the post mentioning that Hodinkee has had ever escalating financing rounds / needs for capital. Beyond this, gave the terms of any of those deals been made public?

    • No idea of how much LMVH owns or the terms of the agreement. I imagine Mr. Clymer and his original investors are looking to exit soon.

      • Clymer has made some mention of investors in the past, I believe on the first episode of the Hodinkee podcast. There was also a prior merger or something with Watchville, IIRC — not sure if that is what he was referencing at the time.

      • Few more details from today’s article about Hodinkee’s CEO switch:

        “With positive growth comes top-tier investors that include the likes of TCG, True Ventures, Future Shape, GV, LVMH Luxury Ventures, our old friend John Mayer, and even Super Bowl champ Tom Brady! “

  2. Jeez, the lengths one has to go to for a positive Hublot review.

    Definitely a good catch by Jose Pereztroika. Although it looks like LVMH has nothing to hide, and is trying to “claim” Hodinkee with this listing. Wonder if this will turn off the other retail partners.

    This is the kind of controlled content necessary to perpetuate the idea that a good mechanical watch should cost more than a couple hundred dollars.

    Instead Hodinkee calls no-name three-handed watches costing $3,000 plus value propositions. You have to have drunk a lot of Moet table champagne to believe that hype.

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