Coronavirus Alert 9: Pre-Owned Market Slide Starts

Vacheron Constantin shuttered during coronavirus alert

If you scan the recently published article Watch Retailers Hunker Down During Covid-19 Crisis and Plan for Recovery, you’d be forgiven for thinking watch dealers are on coronavirus alert, but not panicking. They reckon they’ll “come through the Covid-19 crisis healthy and primed for recovery.” Reading between the lines, it’s a horological horse of a different color . . .

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Coronavirus Watch 8: Grail Watch? WAIT!

Grail watch Rolex for sale (courtesy

Prices for Vintage Watches Are Dropping. Here Are 13 Worth a Look, From Rolex to Patek Philippe, announces. Prematurely. This is not the time to dive into the pre-owned or new grail watch market. In fact . . .

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Coronavirus Watch 7: Chinese Watch Sales Back Online?

Chinese watch

Those of you following Chinese watch sales, please note: on March 12, posted ‘Revenge Spending’ Spurs Chinese Luxury Rebound From VirusWhile writers Robert Williams and  Jinshan Hong weren’t exactly singing Happy Days Are Here Again, they weren’t not singing it either. Like this . . .

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Coronavirus Watch 5: Killing Time

TAG Heuer Autavia bronze - time out?

The wristwatch is part of the glue that holds society together. I’ve got to pick up the kids in 20 minutes! Let’s circle back at four. Dinner will be ready at seven. I need this out by nine. And now, Coronageddon, an epidemic that’s changing the very nature of time . . .

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Retail Watch Sales Are Dead

Retail Watch Sales Are Dead - empty showroom

I recently suggested that this is the week to ask for a 50 percent discount on a new watch. If you make your way to a bricks and mortar store, look out for tumbleweeds. U.S. retail watch sales are dead. In states where retail is still a thing, high end jewelers who are open are selling zero watches. As in none. And as you know . . .

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