HoDinkee Travel Clock Jumps the Shark

HoDinkee travel clock in hand

Three days ago, HoDinkee introduced their $5900 limited edition HoDinkee travel clock. The watch community was not amused. They let HoDinkee have it, both barrels, dissing the product for being ditchwater dull and hideously overpriced. They called out HoDinkee for being, well, a ‘ho. The criticism was pointed, withering and angry. So HoDinkee shut off comments on their Instagram page . . .

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Richemont Sales Down 47% – Coronavirus Watch 28

Jaeger-leCoultre reverso woman

The Swatch Group recently released its financial report for the first quarter of 2020 As revealed in our post Swatch Profits Tank – Coronavirus Watch 27, the conglomerate claimed a quick sales recovery after the Coronageddon lockdown and a bright future ahead. Now it’s Richemont’s turn. The song remains the same. Well, the first part . . .

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Watch News 6/7/2020 – Rolex Mauls Modder!

Watch news! Rolex mauls laCalifornienne modder

Our Sunday watch news roundup starts with Rolex’s lawsuit against laCalifornienne. Rolex was none-too-happy with the Rolex modder’s modifications. watchpro.com reports that Rolex won their suit against the husband-and-wife owners for trademark violation. Will Rolex take on the other modders, such as Wildman, Blaken and Mad Paris? Rolex’s victory may also have implications for . . .

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Jaeger-LeCoultre – Four of the Best

Jaeger-LeCoultre versus Rolex is an ongoing debate in the watch nerd world. Jaeger-LeCoultre makes nicer watches than Rolex, that’s just a simple fact. Also true: Rolex is a vastly more popular brand. But popularity isn’t always a virtue. In an uncertain world, flying under the radar can be an advantage. JLC is a great way to go . . .

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Water Resistance: Apple Series 6 Dive Watch?

Apple Watch: how much water resistance is enough

As someone who’s called TOD on the dive watch, I may not be the best person to reveal the Apple Watch Series 6’s increased water resistance. But here we are. And here’s where Apple started: Series 2 through 5 are water resistant to . . .

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