Joe Biden OMEGA Seamaster Diver Analyzed


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Presidential hopeful Joe Biden went for a bike ride the other day, dispelling any doubts about the former VP’s ability to ride a bike. Meanwhile, questions surrounding the former Veep’s mental acuity linger. But not about his choice of watch. His timepiece reveals that Biden is a man of wealth and taste. Here’s what Uncle Joe’s wearing and what is says about the man . . .

The OMEGA Diver 300M that Joe Biden wears

The watch on Joe Biden’s wrist is a previous gen, blue dial version of the OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300 (Ref. There are a few things worth noting about the watch relative to the candidate . . .

Joe Biden’s OMEGA is expensive

Biden’s OMEGA Diver cost around $4k new – back when $4k could buy a politician small house in Maryland. The candidate who once proudly described himself as the “poorest man in Congress” is now a multi-millionaire.

Citizen Eco-Drive Riva

The former Senator could easily afford a more expensive watch. That said, Biden’s OMEGA is more than 10X pricier than ostensible ally Bernie Sanders’ Citizen Eco-Drive Riva (above).

Biden’s Swiss Seamaster sends a subtle message of status – even to those who have no idea about watches. It says “I’m successful enough at what I do to afford a good watch.”

The Former V.P.’s OMEGA is tough

The OMEGA isn’t a dress watch – a genre that signals observers that its owner spends most of his or her time in an office. A type of watch you wouldn’t necessarily wear knocking around the basement.

Joe Biden's Seamaster on wood

Biden’s OMEGA Diver is build like a proverbial brick shit house, ideal for the great outdoors. It’s constructed to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration (to 300m) and a blow from a hard plastic hammer mounted on a pendulum (the official testing procedure).

Not to mention all the hard knocks that a potential guardian of the nuclear football experiences when facing a tough interviewer. In theory.

Biden’s OMEGA is legible

I hate to return to questions surrounding Senator Biden’s mental health. Suffice it to say, Biden told “As President, I’ll use the bully pulpit of the White House to eliminate the stigma around mental health.”

It’s certainly true that Biden’s Diver 300 isn’t mentally taxing. It’s a highly legible timepiece. It would be even easier to read if the hands weren’t skeletonized, but the OMEGA is still an excellent choice for quick time telling.

OMEGA Seamaster

If you want to wear the up-to-date version of Joe’s watch, it’s the current OMEGA Seasmaster Diver 300M.  The new watch reintroduces the wave pattern to the dial. OMEGA raised the indices and filled them with Super-LumiNova. I prefer the older model, as does the man whose fate is currently in the hands of the American electorate. And his caregivers.

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  1. “the man whose fate”

    I really don’t like the skeletonized hands because I find they make it largely illegible, so I’d argue that. But considering how ubiquitous the Sub is and he picked one that both wasn’t that and also had colour…nice.

  2. In an earlier popular mechanics interview with Joe and Hunter as well as an older parade magazine with an interview with Joe and Beau both sons can clearly be seen wearing submariner/gmt rolexes. I bet when president lunchbucket is out of camera range his Rolex is on his wrist too.

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