Rolex: Best Pre-Owned Value

Rolex value: Explorer ad

As a professional valuer, people often ask me what is the best value pre-owned Rolex.  To be honest, there’s no simple straightforward answer – there are so many variables to consider.  Your budget, the age and condition of the watch, whether it has box and or papers, and whether you’re looking to buy as an investment or for something to wear daily.  All of these aspects will bring you a slightly different answer . . .

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Rolex – The Truth About Rolex

Rolex watches crown pendant (courtesy

I’ve been buying, selling, owning and valuing Rolex watches for over twenty years. In that time, I’ve worked for no less than four authorised distributors, as well as several second-hand specialists. I used to be a Rolex fan; I loved the history of the brand, the industry-leading developments, and the exciting watches used by explorers, specialists and professionals. As the years have passed, my love for the brand has slowly waned . . .

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