New Watch Alert 3/6/2020

Citizen watch ad

New watch alert! The pace of new watch debuts is slowing. No doubt Baselworld’s cancellation messed with watchmakers’ product release schedules. There’s still enough fresh product to compile our roundup – and then some. As stated in previous posts, it may soon be The Mother of All Buyer’s Markets. Can you wait? Should you? One word: addiction. Here’s your weekly fix . . .

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WatchMeGo – Best Kids’ Starter Watch

WatchMeGo watch

I hope our young children/grandchildren never face stranger danger. Just in case they do, there’s the WatchMeGo. It’s a kids’ first watch with a built-in real-time GPS locator and an SOS button that alerts you when your little ones are in danger or distress. I’m not getting paid to say it, but say it I will: right answer . . .

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New Watch Alert 2.21.20

Vintage Timex ad

The New Watch Alert The Swatch Group couldn’t stop! As our man Jack reported on Wednesday, the Swiss watchmaking behemoth is busy suing Vortic for using the Hamilton name. Besides, this is just a pleasant little curated round-up of the week’s new watches with a soupçon of snark. OK, it’s a twelve-course meal of sarcasm and horological truth telling. Napkins in place? Here’s the first course . . .

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Gucci GG Grip Rubber Strap Watch


The GG Grip Rubber Strap Watch comes hot on the heels of the Gucci Grip, a watch so ugly if it was a dog I’d shave its ass and make it walk backwards. To try and save that aesthetic affront, Gucci slapped Mickey Mouse on its weight scale-shaped dial. Nope. Now Gucci’s going a different way, deep into “oh no you didn’t” chronograph territory . . .

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