Formex Essence Leggera Review

Formex Essence Leggera not fade away

The Formex Essence Leggera reminds me of the decade I spent as a resident alien in England. During my time in The Land Of Hope and Glory, I saw the sun exactly seven times. On one of those occasions, I had to point at the sky and explain to my toddler “that’s the sun.” Otherwise, the British sky was so gray, so pale and washed out I called it “the dome” . . .

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Breitling Endurance Pro Review

Breitling Endurance Pro

I wasn’t particularly kind to the new Breitling Endurance Pro in our New Watch Alert. Like all the watches in the NWA, I passed judgement sight unseen. But I am nothing if not a fair man. So I hightailed it down to a local dealer to spend some quality time with a Pro. (Thanks Ben!) My conclusion: it’s a really expensive quartz watch. But it’s also . . .

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Oris ChronOris Date – Motorsports Watches

Oris ChronOris on wrist

The Oris ChronOris Date is a cool looking watch. As any fan of the motorsports watch genre will tell you, cool is king. Does the Swiss watch bring enough style and utility to be a proper daily driver? Or should you treat it like The King of Cool treated Neile Adams and motor on to something else?

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Yema Flygraf Pilot M1 Field Watch

Yema Flygraf Pilot M1 face

I’m a simple man. Beluga caviar on a blini with some sour cream and I’m good to go. Failing that, a table water cracker, fromage D’Affinois and some strawberries. That’s my way of saying you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a distinctive timepiece. But you do have to step outside of the mainstream. Case in point: the Yema Flygraf Pilot M1 Field Watch . . .

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Norqain Freedom 60 Chronograph Review

Norqain Freedom 60 Chronograph money shot

Norqain may sound like Norwegian cocaine, but it’s an acronym: New Open-minded Rebellious Quality Adventure Independent Niche. And a partridge in a pear tree. The Freedom 60 Chronograph may not tick all those boxes, but it it does the retro-chrono thing with aplomb (excuse the pun). Perhaps the most vintage element is . . .

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