Bell & Ross Vintage FULL LUM Review

I’m a lumatic. I like nothing better than wearing a highly luminous watch looking out across a glittering nighttime cityscape (a lume with a view). I depend on a luminous watch when I wake up in the middle of the night wondering how much time’s left before daybreak. Like Racer88, a glowing watch fills me with childlike wonder. So why don’t I like the Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-94 FULL LUM? Let’s start with my antipathy to chronographs . . .

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SKMEI 1095

SKMEI 1095 Watch Review

Watches are just expensive toys and jewelry nowadays. The cellular telephone does everything a watch can do! So they say. They’re wrong. For example, the SKMEI 1095 is an inexpensive toy with a fairly unique party trick – it’s a watch and a toy! Much more than meets the eye . . .

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DOXA SUB 300 Carbon Sharkhunter

When I test drove the first Ford GT remake I asked the PR flack why FoMoCo didn’t use carbon fiber. “Carbon can withstand an enormous impact,” he said. “After that, there’s nothing left. Most car accidents involve multiple impacts.” Needless to say, the current gen Ford GT has a carbon fiber body. When it comes to high performance motoring, weight is everything. When it comes to watches, well, the DOXA SUB 300 Carbon Sharkhunter weighs . . .

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Seiko SNK789K1

Seiko 5 SNK789K1 Review

I was contemplating buying my first automatic watch. The default internet recommendation: “get a Seiko 5.” The official Seiko website only shows the Seiko 5 Sports line, which screwed the pooch a few years back by becoming overpriced “dive style” watches. Old school Seiko 5 models are still available, and at good prices. So I bought a Seiko 5 SNK789K1 . . .

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NOMOS Tangente Date 41 Review

NOMOS’s Bauhaus is a very, very, very fine haus. The Glashütte-based watchmaker has the German minimalist thing down pat. OK, their Autobahn model is busier than the Bundesautobahn 565. But the rest of NOMOS’ lineup offers everything you want in a watch design – assuming you don’t want much of anything. Which is why only handful of their 200+ watches offer a date complication. Now including the NOMOS Tangente Date 41 . . .

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