Rolex Shortage Easing?

Rolex shortage

Rolex shortage? Yeah, there’s a Rolex shortage. Authorized dealers around the country, around the world, are welcoming COVID-19 weary/wary customers with empty showcases. While the Rolex factory is back online – albeit cranking-out fewer timepieces than before (thank you social distancing) – the question remains: will the Rolex shortage ease? If so, when? Let’s ask an expert . . .

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Fake Watches – They’re Out There, Somewhere

Fake watches - US CBP

“Two shipments of counterfeit watches worth nearly $2 million were seized at the Port of Cincinnati over the last two weeks,” reports. “The announcement [from U.S. Customs and Border Protection] states the shipments were manifested as ‘timers’ and ‘watch’ and contained a total of 54 counterfeit watches labeled as Audemar Piguet, Rolex, Cartier and Gucci.” The thing to keep in mind . . .

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Caprice Rolex Robbery A Warning to Us All

Caprice Bouret - watch crime

Caprice Bouret is a big deal in the U.K. Famous for her physical charms, the 47-year-old American-born model has built quite an empire in The Land of Hope and Glory. As you’d expect, Caprice owns some pricey jewelry and watches. Apparently, she’s smart enough to lock them away. Her houseguests, not so much. reports that thieves invaded her holiday home on the island of Ibiza . . .

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Bonhams Fake Seikos Back Online

Lot 726 Seiko auction

Bonhams screwed the pooch with Making Waves: Seiko. Internet experts browsing the online auction catalogue found an unhealthy selection of “Frankenwatches” (modified Seikos). Bonhams pulled the sale temporarily to “upload the condition reports accompanying each lot.” Bonhams fake Seikos are back online. Once again, nails it . . .

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