HoDinkee Shop Lands Another Brand


Hodinkee Mont Blanc

The “journalists” at Hodinkee have another brand to protect from their editorial integrity, or lack thereof. Montblanc joins the following brands at the HoDinkee shop: Bulgari, Grand Seiko, Hamilton, Longines, NOMOS, OMEGA, Oris, Ressence, Seiko, TAG Heuer, Urwerk, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith and Zodiac. Welcome to HoDinkee’s No Criticism Zone! Mont Blanc is now assured of a first-class ass-kissing. Starting now . . .

There are very few companies today able to maintain the dedication to quality, the categorical fluency, and the overall brand coherency required to successfully execute a product strategy involving multiple specialist luxury goods.

And Montblanc – renowned worldwide for its writing instruments, its leather goods, and its watches – deserves to be recognized for providing its entire organization with a platform for success.

We’ve been a fan of the entire company for as long as we can remember, and we’re thrilled to welcome Montblanc watches into the HODINKEE Shop today.   

Montblanc Hodinkee Shop

To be fair, the above is HoDinkee ad copy. And it’s certainly true that Montblanc has found its mojo – the Swiss watchmaker makes some truly badass (in their own reserved way) models. But it’s also true there’s nothing separating Ho’Dinkee’s editorial department from its sales department. A fact that HoDinkee feels free to highlight.

It is evident that these watches were made by someone with a real appreciation of the finer elements of watch design.

Notice how balanced the dial orientation is, not a single aspect of real estate is wasted, with the entire watch maximized for legibility. 

All three of these watches are priced under $3,000, with the Heritage GMT recently earning the distinction of a Value Proposition from HODINKEE’s editorial team.

Heritage GMT at Hondinkee Shop

Gee, I wonder how THAT happened. To be charitable, HoDinkee published their Montblanc ValProp piece all the way back in September, before the brand entered the HoDinkee shop.

I’m absolutely sure there was no thought whatsoever of adding Montblanc to the website’s roster at that time. And the article published two days ago singing the brand’s praises? Sheer coincidence. As are the dozens of previous Montblanc articles that celebrated the brand’s endless success.

In the same way I’m sure that HoDinkee’s next Montblanc “review” will glow brighter than the headlights in the website owner’s bespoke Porsche Zagato. Watch and see.

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